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I was the LO for Air Supply Concert in Jakarta

Behind the scene of this story: I am seriously in awe of what God has written for me. I never thought I will finally able to serve Him through me being the LO or a Stage Manager. Never alone imagining that I would be here now, taking this pic, serving Air Supply / Graham and Russell, yet alone having that huge responsibility of driving the artist twice from the airport to the venue, got smooch twice from the artist and most importantly they are happy with our service. Weeks ago I was being forcefully resigned as ASM at my old office, if I choose to stay angry or dwelling with whats wrong and not moving forward, I would never have found my KIND of people, being surrounded by legends, and being trusted to serve them and use all that I got that God has given me for this opportunity. I love serving, i love helping, i love arranging dressing rooms, i love everything about production / concert / artist. I always wanted to be a LO, now that I am free, I’m looking forward 4 what God has written for me.



I’m still amazed by how God does His wonders where we wait faithfully on Him.

I never imagined in my whole life that I would be the LO for Air Supply – let alone being able to drive them around in Jakarta and being trusted??

Oh God.

I always wanted to be the LO or part of hospitality team.

and here I was.

Everything happens for a reason.

I believe that.

During this week where I was the LO for Air Supply – made me think loads of things that happened in the past.

Like, learning how to drive properly. How to park backwards, driving in reverse mode, was an Uber driver, and so on.

It all make sense. I remember when I wasn’t good at driving, I remember that my dad used to be afraid of me driving his car or even my own car -and because I was nekad, I finally able to drive using my instinct and here I was driving the artist from their hotel to the venue.

That seemed small but I was so nervous and kept praying about it that day.

Fortunately, everything went well and smoothly. Tho there were bumping roads here there and everywhere lol

But I’m okay, the artist was okay –

Long story short, our aim as the hospitality team was to make the artist and the band happy – which is for me that’s really easy – because I love helping, I love caring for people. So you can say, this LO job is for me. 😀

The concert went well, the artist and the band was extremely happy with our services.

After the concert, the LO team got the opportunity to take pic with the artist – and Russell was like, Thank you ! Can I have a smooch? – I said, sure! and I was hugging the artists, they were saying that I’m a good girl- LOL -okay…

I got two smooches from Russell that night – lol.

I wasn’t a big fan of Air supply before tho I sung their song occasionally, but now I do ! 😀

So yeah, that’s my story.

Behind those disappointment – you have to remember that your life is MOVING FORWARD – NOT BACKWARDS.

I thanked Jesus through Full Color Entertainment for this opportunity and I’m looking forward for more!


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