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I Dreamed about being Harry Styles’ PA

I Dreamed as Harry Styles FILM PA

Today, I woke up at 9 AM but before that, I got up at 4:30ish AM but then I sleep again.

During my rapid 4:30 -ish AM until 9 AM, I got this vision / dreams about Harry.

I was in a white room, and I see Harry Styles with his short curl hair and he’s wearing a white ruffle shirt with black pants.

I saw him and the feeling was I was there for a reason like a work / volunteering kind of thing. I immediately jump and hug him for so long.

He was in shock, like why a stranger hugging me? I whispered in his ears while hugging him,”I’m so sorry for hugging you so tight like this, I have been waiting for this moment for sooo long..’

And he immediately receives me and hug me back like so tight. It immediately feel like just the two of us in that white room / like a changing room where the rest of the crew just busy with their own thing.

We hugged like very long, it was a warmth hug and somehow he just understand it. Like we didn’t say anything that much when we hug and he knew that I’m working for him.

But it’s like before I get professionally connected with him, I want to get my personal admiration out first by hugging him, before we work together.

When we hugged, we just kind of connected deeply for some reason and he makes me feel very special.

So then the long hug got weird and we took off, I said to him again ‘ I’m sorry for this, I have been waiting for this for so long.’ He just smiled.

Then he’s busy with his own thing and I just followed him.

He was shooting this new movie about Circus, like Cirque du Soleil mixed with Old Country feeling like he was in Jimmy Fallon. And a bit of Reese Whiterspoon’s circus movie kind of vibe.

He was the guest starring but with so many cast that are able to do plane flights with their body, or like a circus barn feeling thing.

I came in to the set and I was sitting at the audience seat where the rest of the extras sitting. The seat was made by wood and it was like a stadium set kind of seating. where the seat are rising up.

The stage floors were full of hays and Harry is wearing his white ruffle shirt, with brown boots, black tight pants, and his postman hat.

I just sat there and see him act – He gave a very good performance.

After his first take, he came up to me at the audience seat and ask me, “Vania, can you rub my back?” I feel like this is the best first day of work ever! and I said to him “Of course! where about?” He said “ Just here.” pointing at his left shoulder. I give him an upper back rubbing and a bit of pressure of his left back and he said ‘Perfect. Thank you’ and he went off to his co – actors again.

At that very moment, when I watched him, my feelings is like ‘OMG, this is a top secret thing, and I’m the only lucky ones that is close to him and I can’t believe what the other fans will tell if they see what I see” – the feelings and the joy is so real.

As I watched him with other performance act on the set , I got carried away by how amazing and talented the other performance are so I followed the troupe set’s while Harry is doing another performance with the main cast and I think it was a closed set.

when I was finished with the other troupe performance act, I was trying to go back to my barn seat / audience seat but the only entrance is backstage through the front where I could disturb Harry’s performance at that time.

I don’t want to bother him because I’m only his PA – so I walk around at the back of the stage but there’s no entrances, only goats and baby goats waiting for their cue inside –

so I waited with the rest of the troupe at backstage stage left – and seeing Harry Perform his acting from the hole of the set / barn door.

There’s black gates, baby goats and goats, real green grass everything on the backstage.

during this set, he was acting with the other main cast on a two-two basis and he was really good at it. It was a dark / serious scene. So everybody there was quiet and give him time to act on it.

It was five take.

And then I woke up from my sleep.

I don’t know why I do feel that this is so real.

It’s like harry and I got like a soul connection. So deep that both of us can’t explain.

I wasn’t really in a good mood / like really stressed out for some reason / like my heart is dark – the day before I have this dream.

But then Harry decided to appear in my dream and it all feel so real, like one day I genuinely will be his PA – on set / in his life.

So yeah, I just want to share this with you all. I hope this will bring a smile to your day because what I felt in that dream, is super real 100%.

Thank you God for this dream, now I have new motivation and new perspective in life.

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Hospitality/ LO Code of Rules / Ethics by Vania

1) Always put all your burden, worries, and your job to do list as Hospitality before God. Because He knows His kids, and after all we are all human and He is our Creator. You seriously CANT do this Hospitality job only depending on your human power. You got to have a backup from the Highest power of them all. He will fix your mind right, make you confident, and give you strength and wisdom.

2) Your artist happiness, good mood, health, safety, comfort, always comes first. This applies to fans, crowd control, health, etc. If something happen to them, you have to drop everything and put your attention to them first. Even if you don’t have time to eat or sleep, always put them first.

3) Always be prepared for everything.

4) “Make the problem simple. If the problem / situation is difficult, then make it simple. If the problem / situation is actually simple then make it gone.” – David Ananda

5) ‘Always expect the Unexpected.’ – this almost the same for the point no. 2, but this is will always need to be at the back of your mind so you will always be prepared outside of your current job desk / task.

6) Never rely on others. If you can do it your self, then just do it. This mostly applies to the hotel / venue banquet crew at the event or a day before the event because once you rely on others, they’ll suck ur time for setups and you’ll end up missing loads of time to do your first and upmost priority.

7) Always be resourceful. Use what you already have. Use your creative thinking. Think out of the box. Again, don’t rely on others. This applies to basically everything when you do your hospitality job.

8) Pay attention to what are the things outside / underneath your artist riders. Make riders breakdown and checklist if they’re a lot. Common favorite international food knowledge like Snickers bars, M&Ms, diet coke, etc is a must so you’ll always make your artist, the band, and their crew happy.

9) Always have Tolak Angin and meds with you. So if things happen, you know what to do. It’s also good if you are trained as First Aid Officers. You never know what might happen.

10) Sometimes – A LOT OF TIMES, you will be relying as the ‘Middle Man’ where you are the connection between your artist and your promotor / EO – make sure you do the job right at your job scope and priorities so you won’t get the blame from others. It’s not often that you would probably ended up calling their cues for the show to start while making tea / coffee for your artist. — see, if you don’t delegate within your team, I’m pretty sure you’ll burnt. The show won’t start until you say your artist is ready. They’ll normally have Show Director, Your Boss, And Your Self who make the call either or not the show is about to start.

11) Make the paperwork. Be prepared. Make the breakdown. This would help you organizing and visioned everything ahead of you. Always consult your boss and the artist tour manager as to what they want – and suggest things if it’s too much or not available at your country.

12) Be organized. Set your priority. There’s always one thing to another coming right up at ya, but if you set your priority right and you know what to do in terms of your job desk, then you will not ended up freaking out or panicking.

13) Always put on a smile. Be firm to what you ask. Add manners, by saying Please, Sorry, and Thank you – Do not yell as it won’t solve the problem.

14) Fix things and face things with a cool mind. Keep calm. It’s important to not panic. Every problem has their own solution. Remember this.

15) Budget your riders. So your boss won’t yell at you. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

16) Always be kind. Especially with your sponsors (this people are the ones who give you money) AND of course the first and foremost is your artist.

17) “Treat People With Kindness” – Harry Styles. You will never know if that fangirl or a groupie is actually your sponsors and the person who will helped you one day.

18) Delegate and liaise . Trust your team and use their skills/expertise up to par. Delegate your job desk. So they know what to do.

19) Always be efficient. SET YOUR PRIORITY. And be resourceful. This applies to your dressing room set ups.

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Brazillian Wax?

beige candle on beige saucer plate beside polished pebbles near window
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Just tried my first ever Brazillian Wax and I survived !! 😂🤪🔥

I think the key to the first successful Brazillian Wax are:

1) Research. Do your research first so you know why you need them and the benefits for them. And you can come prepared.

For me it was because Health reasons and I came prepared and bring my own stress ball hahaha

2) Find the place that is highly specialized in Brazillian Wax so you know you are in good hands.

3) Always remember to walk in with ease and not stressed out or afraid. That’s why knowing why you do it at the first place will help you get through the pain.

4) Good luck ! – with Stress at Neo SOHO

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‘Lupa..’ – (Sebuah Prosa)


Lupa dulu ngurus teater sendiri seribet apa.

Lupa rasanya pusing sendiri mikirin perintilan2 kostum, makeup, property, personal items, dsb

Seolah2 otak ini telah malas di buatnya.

Dari kemarin minta dan merengek sama Tuhan kalau saya kangen BerTeater.

Dan sekarang aku diberikan secercah perasaan berteater, seperti dahulu kala

Seketika otakku seperti diberi genjotan listrik dan membawaku kembali ke jaman ketika aku berteater di Gereja dan mengurusi semua perintilan sendiri.

Bedanya untuk besok, ini bukanlah lagi sekedat pekerjaan sukarela tapi ini adalah pekerjaan yang diupah

Sebuah perjalanan dan petualangan yang baru

Dimana aku di tantang untuk meninggalkan caraku yang lama dan lebih professional dalam menghadapi segala sesuatu.

Aku hanya berharap

Kalau aku tidak akan lupa

Terhadap perintilan detail yang kecil2 terhadap ke tiga karakter yang aku design / buat / planning / persiapkan besok.

Bye lupa.


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God is so good. Like I never thought in my life that I used to chase Brian McFadden and been longing to meet him for the past 10 years when I was in Sydney and fast forward it to now, I’m actually working with him.


We just had a KFC run in Palembang..


We literary walking in the middle of the night, a bit of raining, with no escort – just us, and working out (because we literary walking 5kms to a centre), and talking about how I was his fans and now I got to work with him. I did qoute his lyrics “Sometimes Life works in mysterious ways..”, talking about his girlfriend, nasi padang, and the chance to say ‘thank you for finally following mcfaddenindo…’ because I was the one that created the page! 😄 – and he was so surprised and laugh about it.

What a beautiful moment, and I thank Jesus for it.

I can’t wait to see how my Harry Styles moment will turn out to be 😋❤️ #diary #hospitality

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