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Encounters with Jesus Rationale

The idea of Jesus coming to strangers, made them whole again always intrigues me and that is why I choose John 4:4-26. I’ve been making a play for my church theatre based on Jesus encounters with the lost man/person. One of the examples was Safe (Me) one of my play that was produced for a 10 min Christmas advent drama/skit. The story of Safe (Me) begins with a girl who lost everything, including her home, family, her only mother, finances, etc and was mad to God, asking God of why He would let her suffering like this – until the day an Angelic character/ a Man character come out of nowhere to ask about where’s the street/ asking for directions.

This was very similar to how Jesus encounters with the Samaritan woman in the well – where he asked for water but he actually had a plan. In the text, “Assumes that Jesus and the disciples had such a bucket, but the disciples had taken it with them to the city. Jesus could easily have requested that they leave it behind for his use. But he had a plan.” Bailey, K.2008, page 202.

In my story of Safe (Me), the Man character representing Jesus than brings a whole new life and hope to this girl. It took time for the girl to finally understand what the Man character meant – but her defense starts to melt down when the Man reveals her past and knows her life. In John 4:4-25 – it also tell how Jesus approach the woman, by asking a drinking water from the well to where Jesus reveals the woman past even though the woman was trying to push Jesus away by saying, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” – John 4:9 (NIV) then at the end she finally believes and said, “I know that Messiah (called Christ) is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.” – John 4:25 (NIV)

In both stories (Samaritan women and Safe (Me)) have a similar character arch and journey and to be honest, I didn’t know this until I read John 4:4-26 when I did my research. There’s always a gap in between of my knowledge, that I understand Jesus grace are able to cure/saved the sinful woman or a lost person saved but I didn’t always know which chapter they are written in the Bible.

Before Safe Me – there was a similar story called BACK – which my friend, Lingkan wrote in 2009 for A New Years Eve – the character journey was the same, where she just lost everything due to the Tsunami disasters – she was wearing all black, the set was during night time in the park – where there’s a crazy women and homeless guy lived in that park (I was playing as the crazy women) and there she was crying, hauling and was talking to her self like she’s about to go mad. Then there’s this strange man came out of no where with the introduction line, ”May I seat here, next to you?” this man then reveal the past of her, how she lost her family, and how she has to let go everything and believes in Christ. This Man is the representative of Christ. She then learn to let go after seeing a woman came in asking for help – it was really hard for her after this man left but her self defense was defeated when she finally realize that this man was right.

During my writing session of Safe (Me) – I was inspired by two things, the BACK story (the setting, the character, and the journey) and SAFE (a song by Westlife which I played in on repeat) – These two stories has a similar character arch/story arch to John 4:4-26 – Which I’m really happy to wrote it down the new ones and this time the story will be based on this John 4:4-26 and with “Thank You Jesus” by Hillsong Live song. I could’ve hand in my SAFE (ME) play to you as my creative drama play but I don’t think it’s good enough, thou I will still attached it in my submission as my point of reference.

In making this story it will be truly based on John 4:4-26, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Encounters With Jesus (which explains to me about the setting and how they are in those days) and the new Hillsong Live song, “Thank You Jesus” (which I will also attached the lyrics and the MP3).

The setting of the play is in a park by the 6 hours, a man who is Jesus enters like a traveler, asking for food or a direction. I’m going to modernize the lines base on the New Living Translation, because I feel that the script it self from the Bible – there’s a dramatic values in it – especially when Jesus finally reveals himself, “I am he.” – John 4:26 (NIV) So you will find similarities from the bible chapter but this story is adapted to a possible drama skit for my church theatre in Indonesia.

In the commentary book that I read for the research, there was a specific explanation on how Jesus can’t casually just sat down in the well and interacts with the women – there were so many boundaries that Jesus violated by meeting with this women in the well. “In the world of the Gospels, boundaries that prohibited contact or behavior served to protect honor and social status. In some cases – as in rules that controlled how unmarried men and women could meet – they protected the purity of families and moral values, and they avoided the possibility of unfortunate accusations.” – Burge.G, 2010, page 101.

So you can imagine that His encounter with the Samaritan woman was awkward and uncomfortable. From the same book, chapter 5, page 104, Burge.G, 2010, also tell us to “Imagine on how the woman arrives at the famous Jacob well with a water jar, Jesus sits on its lid or the edge, and he ask for a water because He doesn’t have the jar/bucket.” Also according to Burge.G, 2010, page 104; the Samaritan women “had known wayward men”. So we can imagine how the situation like on the setting, I would specifically asked my actors to read this Encounter with Jesus book – chapter 5, page 104, to understand the characterization and the situation of the play.

It’s not just about “Oh, Jesus sat there, explaining to me how the living water is, and there I am, whole again.” It’s more than that. This encounter is so powerful that changes this women life and even made her a convert and a believer to Christ. I could really imagine if the women was me, where I had like five husband, ex- husband, and a man who was currently living with me – and yet I was actively involved in church but no one really understand or even know my situation carefully.

I would feel that I lived in a double life – until someone who’s like Jesus or someone that God sent to saved me spoken to me and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are serving here in church or in another church, I know you are thirsty. You are thirsty of life, the truth meaning of life. You’ve been running away for so long. But it’s time to come back. Do you know Christ? Do you know the living water? You can have it right at this moment when you say it to your self, “Jesus, forgive me. For I am sinned, and I believe you right now, give me a new life; I want to start all over again, as I believe that You are my Lord and Savior. Amen.” – then the song of “Thank You Jesus” came and I would probably down on my knees and cried.

So that’s why I want to highlight the moment where the women try to step back because she was in shock of “how do you know I don’t have a husband, etc” – John 4:17 (NIV) but she stays there because there’s a powerful forces in her heart that makes her stay and continues her conversation with this Man/Jesus.

The setting of the play is also similar to the Bible but with modern setting, like a modern nativity play but simple – then it closes with my church theatre worship team singing “Thank You Jesus” as the background where this women still in shock and tears come down from her eyes as the light slowly fades away from the stage and highlighting the singers singing the song. I keep the story simple but meaningful for the congregation to take home with them.






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  • Raharja, V. 2012, Safe (Me) for Christmas Advent Drama, Teater Mono GKI, Indonesia
  • Bimoro, L. 2009, BACK for New Years Eve Skit, Teater Mono GKI, Indonesia


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“Encounters with Jesus”

“Encounters with Jesus”

A Short Skit for Drama Ministry

Based on John 4:4-26

Written by Vania Christy Raharja


Central Park. By 6 hours/ 12 AM

A filthy park, where’s there’s a well in the corner – known as the “Wishing Well”

It’s dark and cold

Full of dry leaves and the park bench just in the centre of the stage

Lights just representing the cold dark filthy night











Annie Marie

A middle age woman, a working woman, in her business suit – eating her last sandwich and holds a drinking water – she really had a bad day at the office and took her time off by sitting down at the park – resting her self from her hectic day at the office – she really looks tired. It’s been a really shitty day for her and basically her life. Typical work office look – with a black blazer, white top, and a skirt – hair is in a bun.

Lost Traveler Guy: Berdie / Jesus

Jesus like character – with a white gown – but he looks like a backpacker traveler that is hungry and lost – He also looks divine – There’s still a Godly Human character in him – I could use Diogo Morgado to play this (:D) – but without the beard and the long hair? Thou he will also look lost a bit and asking for food. If the person who plays this man character is black and the women is white then we can also play around within that in the line of “You are a Jew, and I’m a Samaritan women.” – John 4:9 (NIV)








Enters Annie Marie looking tired, carrying her black woman purse. She sat down on the filthy park bench.

Annie (A): (Looking at the stars)

God, if there’s You, I don’t know how to start my own life in the right way. I’ve been living in a sin for so long. Had lived with five husband and none of them has satisfy me. I’m currently living with one man but he doesn’t even know how to treat me well.

I am a whore.

I am unworthy.

Is there anyway I could still be living in your way? (Sigh, looking at her clock and she really feels cold and hungry, she looks up to her purse searching for her last food and drinking water)

I don’t know how to live anymore. (Points out to the bottle water) I am thirsty, but this drink would never satisfy my soul.

Could I ever find one man to satisfy my thirstiness? Is there any man in this world that understands and accepts me for who I am?

Hhhh.. I don’t know.

I just don’t know…

Enters a middle age man, looking funny, like a homeless, but also handsome, looks lost and hungry

Berdie: Excuse me, may I seat here?

Annie: (Looks uncomfortable because she’s by her self in the middle of the night and this guy looks a bit creepy, so she just want to be polite) Yeah.

Berdie: (Looks around her and try to observe her) Thank you. Young lady, I can see that you are really tired. Are you ok?

Annie: (Awkward situation starts kicking in)

Umm… yeah.


Do.. do.. you have any food or water? I’m thirsty. – (John 4:7, NIV)


(Not sure what to do because it’s more creepy now… but she just follow her heart to give in) Umm.. here, it’s my last one. You can take it.


You are very nice. Thank you (Take the water from Annie and drinks it until finish – no sounds only the drinking sounds – so there’s a comical moment in this)

(After the drink finish, he tries to give the bottle back to Annie)

Here, I give it to you back. Thank you.


(Why is it more creepy right now, umm can I just leave?!)

Oh, no. Thank you. You can have it.



You are really nice lady. You should be smiling.


(Tries to smile to please him – she started to feel that there’s something about this guy that makes her at peace)


See? You are beautiful.


(err…) Thank you.


Oh, sorry, I haven’t introduced my self properly. Soo.. I am on my way to the South Street and I got lost, I thought I could take a rest a bit, tries to find food / water but all the shop is closed. Thank God I found you here! What is it your name, lady? (In this case, he doesn’t reveal him self until the end of the story, same like in John 4:4-26)


(errrr….) Uhm.. Annie.


Annie! What a beautiful name eh? You seemed to be really sad. What is it going on? It’s okay, you can trust me.




(ERRR…! maybe I should leave now? But why my heart telling me to stay?! This is weird…) Nothing, just life in general.


Young lady, I think I know what you exactly need.


(Curious) You do?


Yes, if you only knew the gift God has for you and whom you are speaking to, you would ask me and I would give you living water. – (John 4:10 (NLT))


(Surprised, confused)

What do you mean? Where would I get this living water? And besides, whom are you trying to speak with me about my problems?


Don’t get me wrong, Annie. I know how hard is it living in your shoes. I understand it completely, like an old man said, drink my water and you will never be thirsty again. (“For those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh bubbling spring within them, giving them an eternal life.” – John 4:14)




Please, sir. I need this water. So I could never be thirsty again! (with full of hope) – (John 4: 15, NLT)


(Looking at her eye) Go and get your husband. – (John 4:16, NLT)


(John 4: 17, NLT) – (errr… I don’t have a husband?! Step back) I don’t have a husband.


(John 4:18, NLT) (Wise) Hmm… yup, that’s right, You don’t have a husband. The fact that you have had five husbands, and you aren’t even married to the man you’re living with now. You certainly spoke the truth!


(Shock, in tears, what is this supposed to mean? Pulling out her self politely) (John 4:19, NLT) Sir, how do you know? You must be a prophet. So tell me, why is it a person like me doesn’t belong in church? People know me that I’m a whore – they keep saying that. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been trying really hard to step out of this life. I’ve been going to all churches in the world trying to seek redemption, but all churches is the same – once they know who I am, they condemned me and banned me for going to the church ever again. I am lost. I am really really lost.




(John 4:20, NLT) (Wise) Believe me, dear woman; the time is coming when it will no longer matter whether you worship the Father on this mountain/park or in Jerusalem/the church. You seem to know very little about the one you worship, while the church / Jews know all about him, for salvation comes through the Jews. – (Mark, I’m trying to fit the lines in the modern way but it seem a bit awkward, but the point is, it doesn’t matter if we worship God in church or outside of the church, we can worship Him anywhere)

But the time is coming – indeed it’s here right now – where true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. So no matter who you are, the church that condemned you doesn’t really know who you truly are, who you are actually belong to. For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in Spirit and in Truth.

(Smiles wisely)


(John 4:25, NLT) I know Jesus is the Messiah – the one who is called Christ. I know He can heal my past and gave me a new life…. (Suddenly understand the meaning of Berdie’s living water and realize that Berdie is actually Jesus, who’s been with her the whole time, healing her heart and her past and really start to sinking in and she cries, touched by the grace of Jesus)


(Smiling, understand that she gets it – that she realize it) – (John 4:26, NLT)

Your sins are forgiven.

(Berdie/Jesus stands up, holds Annie’s hand, kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly and said, “I love you”. Annie still looks down, during I love you, Annie continues to sob more, tears of joy and freedom – Berdie walks out stage slowly in white gown and disappear to the audience – While the song of “Thank You Jesus” starts directly after Berdie hugs Annie – Annie stays on the stage sobbing in tears of joy and freedom – lights down on Annie and the lights now focus on the Singers, singing Thank You Jesus – while the audience can still hears Annie praying, and saying/mimicking/following the Singers, “Thank you Jesus, You set me free. Christ my Saviour, You rescued me.” She saying this in kneels down position as her grace and her thank you to God, to Jesus who saved her life and forgives her sins. Praying on her knees – just can’t believe what actually happened – but she believes it. She believes every word in her conversation with the man/ Jesus. Then the lights on Annie are off – and the focus now completely to the Singers – while the Singers asked the audience to stand up in the second verse and to sing along with them, praising God.)


The End

“Then Jesus told her, “I am the Messiah!” – John 4:26 (NLT)”

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.”

– John 3:16-17 (NLT)

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AMAR. (Based on a Day Dream)

Written by Varry.Styles

Date: Thu – Fri, 13-14 Apr 2017 – 05:53AM

Version 1


(For A Potential Film)


Year 2025


There lived a big Arab/Middle East/Indian family in a small tiny household. They have mom, dad, one daughter, and one son – who are just recently married to a Chinese girl.


This household is like any Indian familly – wears saris and all – except Amar and Xen Zhen. This household also lives in one complex where there’s uncle, auntie, cousins, step dad, grandmas, grandpas, everything.


The son named Amar marries this Chinese girl name Xen Zhen.


They’re both in love.


This story is about Amar and Xen Zhen journey as husband and wife.


Amar is 25, while Xen Zhen is 30.


Amar is a quiet and reserved man while Xen Zhen is very outspoken, emotional, independent, ambitious, a career woman, and sometimes full of anger.


Amar works as a construction guy for a big science company named ‘Scientia’ while Xen Zhen works part time as a lab assistant on the same company.


This company currently develops a new butterfly technology where they can maneuver and record things like a drone. A Living Butterfly not a machine butterfly.


One day, there’s chaos happened on the company, where they’re currently experimenting a killer machine butterfly and it has run off out of their lab facility and everybody is looking for it.


Once you’re bitten with this butterfly on your skin, you’ll react and you’ll die suddenly. This killer butterfly is smart – if you’re invited them in – like ‘OMG, it’s beautiful and reaches your hand – they’ll fly to your hand and bite you if you make sudden move.


It’s been three weeks since the butterfly was missing.



Amar and Xen Zhen are currently adjusting to their married life. There have been so many trust issues happening on both of them. Though Xen Zhen is a 5 years older than Amar, she’s sometimes can be a little bit childish in terms of her trust issues.


This is because she can’t move on to her future and still holding on to her past grudges, where her past relationships betrayed her.


Amar is a young boy whom just learning on how to be a husband to his wife – and they met on occasional basis at their work place – and his parents always pushed him to get married to any woman that attracts him – but he only can choose one woman.


So when he met Xen Zhen, he immediately proposed her asking her to be his wife – at only 6 months of relationship. Xen Zhen likes Amar too so she said yes.


Before working as lab assistant, Xen Zhen works freelance as event organizer, concert planner, and was a bit creative – but that industry was long gone in the past, while the government forced its citizens to study and work in a science field – and they’ll give money and training to those who want to switch gears. SO Xen Zhen was forced to do that.


Then she met Amar – and they both chatted and quickly became friends.


When Amar asked the question, she was a bit surprised because it was too early – but even though they’re friends, they’re both very passionate and on fire in terms of their physical contact.


After the wedding, Xen Zhen moves to Amar little house where he still lived with his parents – they have this small tiny room – where sometimes Amar’s little sister sleeps with them.


Coming from big family, Xen Zhen was happy and taking her wife responsibility really well – and wasn’t really surprised about Amar’s big family and his little tiny house.


For her, as long as there’s a double bed – even though it’s on the floor – she’s okay.


Adjusting to their married life, Xen Zhen starts wearing Sari’s at home, serving his husband tea and all the wives duties.


She also feels that her husband won’t listen to her advice and he just want to do his own way – she only intend good, but sometimes her husband wouldn’t listen to her.


She loves him very much – but the question is, does he really cares / loved her so much as she did to him?


Yes, he purposed her, but that’s because his parents asked him to get married really fast – not because of his willing.


That’s why he had this attitude of doing things his way because even though their relationship was passionate at first, that fire starts to burn down slowly but surely.


It’s their first anniversary, when that killer butterfly was on the loose. Amar and Xen Zhen was sitting on their company garden – having some sort of picnic style lunch break during there lunch hours with some friends.


They’re giant trees hanging – the day was nice. Then one of their friends, saw this yellow eyed butterfly – and they suddenly remember that they have to warned themselves and be careful to not touch any flying butterfly that comes their way because they don’t know which color the killing butterfly was.


One of their friends looked at the yellow butterfly closely and they said this one was safe. Xen Zhen and Amar chatted not far from where their friends found this yellow butterfly where they saw this one beautiful white butterfly flying to Amar’s waving hands.


“Amar! Becareful, that might be the killer butterfly! It’s dangerous here, we should go back inside, “ yelled Xen Zhen.


“Yes Amar! OMG, That’s the killer butterfly! Watch out!,” their friends replied and watch Amar still won’t listen to them.


Xen Zhen reacts quickly and shoo away the killer butterfly – and said to Amar,”Amar, you have to becareful next time! Why didn’t you trust and listen to me, ah ?” Xen Zhen replied and felt betrayed.


Not long after Xen Zhen shoo the killer butterfly away, they thought that butterfly has gone, but turns out that white killer butterfly went back and immediately targeted Xen Zhen, like a machine.


All of their friends reacted and warned Xen Zhen, ‘Watch out! The butterfly is attacking you now! “ The killer butterfly got into Xen Zhen nose and bite her. Amar didn’t react or even tried to save Xen Zhen from it, it’s like he just doesn’t care. He just left Xen Zhen at the park after it happened.


Their friends helped out and immediately found an antidote in the forms of big ants that they found in the park and attached it to Xen Zhen’s nose so that the poison from the killer butterfly is transferred to the big ant that acted as antidote. This attack left Xen Zhen sick for 1 week and had a really big red nose.


When Xen Zhen was resting at home, she worries about her husband, Amar. He didn’t come home after that accident. She’s been looking for him and asking help from Amar’s family about his whereabouts but no one told her where he was. It’s like he’s running away from her. She was so furious, afraid of her what happened on her past relationship appears again to her – she gathered all the energy that she had from the attack that make her sick / weak – to go to the city and find Amar.


She looked for Amar for days and when she was about to give up, she went to the train station, the big building, and there’s this helipad and it’s working helicopter – words of the streets spread out about Amar whereabouts.


She asked Amar’s friends and found out that he actually has move jobs to work with another big company in the city under the city government as a construction crew guy. He worked under this big boss name Paela as his assistant. She was shocked. It’s like her husband has gone for two weeks and has a completely new life.


During this time, she was in the middle of the buzzing city life – inside a cemented grey building where it looks like a NY train station platform in terms of the size. She saw this helicopter about to go off – where she spotted a familiar face hanging on to a beautiful young lady. She knew that was him. That was Amar.


She immediately walked up to him and snatched his hands right away. Amar was shocked. He saw his sick and red swollen face wife. The young girl was shocked too – She asked, ”Who’s this Amar?” – Amar quickly answers, “Err.. No one. She’s no one.”


Xen Zhen was hurt by what Amar said and quickly brings him to a reality. “Who dare you, calling me no one, when I’m actually your sick wife?! You, you created that killer butterfly to kill me don’t you? Why do you marry me at the first place then? To get my money, ah? You are nothing without me. You have no choice. You either go home with me right now and do your duty as a husband or you stay here with this young lady and I will be away forever from your life?! Choose wisely. PLUS. Your family is worried sick about you! Just please come home.”


Amar has no choice. He looked at the young woman that he actually cares and loved with full of regrets, hurt, and sadness. Slowly, he was reluctant to leave his young woman behind, but Xen Zhen forcedfully pulled him away from her, leaving him devastated and just by his eyes, she knew he doesn’t loved her anymore and he loves that young woman instead of her. Amar finally give in to Xen Zhen, because he didn’t have any choice and he knew that he had to be responsible as husband, like his husband duty was called and he knew his wife needed him.


They both walked slowly unto the escalator of the building and to the train station to get back home. On there way home, Xen Zhen firmly says, “We need to talk.” Amar was quiet on their way home and had tears on his eyes.

They arrived home; she sat him down on a pavement – where they lived. It’s liked a remotely slums dirty local area, where the house was tiny and stand side by side. It looks like a big giant warehouse with so many families living under the same roof / location.


She sat him down and asked him questions, “Why did you do this to me? What have I done to make you unhappy?” When she felt that she can finally talked to him without having the interruptions or over caring from Amar’s family, his family saw that Amar’s finally back home, and then jump in – there were crowd from his parents, cousins, siblings, and up to his grandparents parents – all wearing nice red traditional sari’s –


For once, Xen Zhen was losing her mind – she thought that she could finally have sometime alone with her estranged husband without the interruption from his family – there it goes! His family came through and all that she could say was “CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE. WE GOT THIS. WE DON’T NEED YOUR INTERRUPTION! PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE. GO BACK TO YOUR HOUSE. I WILL TELL YOU ONCE WE ARE DONE WITH OUR BUSINESS!!!” – She repeated this multiple times because Amar’s family from all his side kept coming and kept saying ”Yes we know, we’re just worried about him.” She then quickly answered, “YES, I KNOW. BUT PLEASE GIVE US SOME TIME ALONE. WE NEED TO FIX OUR MARRIAGE. PLEASE. SHOO SHOO..”


They all finally went away after that big scarce from Xen Zhen. Amar was just like sitting down on the pavement block with his face down feeling guilty about what he just did to his wife.


“Where were you? Why didn’t you come home and looked after your sick wife? You won’t think I know that was you that created that killer butterfly? C’mon AMAR, don’t be childish! I worked there in the lab and I know what you’ve been up to!” – Xen Zhen yells.


She then continued, “I was ALONE AMAR, ALONE. I defended you from that killer butterfly of yours, and you just left me be? You want to kill me don’t you? What will you do without me, ah? You chose me to be your wive, WHY? You proposed me but yet you run away with other girl and living the life like you’ve never lived here all your life? I mean who are you now? I don’t even know you!” – Xen was crying straight after, leaving Amar feeling guilty than before.


“I’m sorry.” – He slowly replied.


“I was lost…” – He continues. “I don’t know what else I can do, I don’t really love you but I have to marry you. We’re both very passionate at first but that was it, after we get married, I don’t know what to do anymore – I feel our fire has burnt down – like there’s no more in me about you. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to.”


Xen Zhen was utterly devastated. She couldn’t reply to what he just said. She was speechless. She loves him but that feelings turn out wasn’t mutual. They have signed that matrimony paper where once husband and wife, they can’t get divorced or else they have to be in jail. The government era was really tough and control freak during this era.


She has no choice other than staying with him and tries to worked out their marriage. She left Amar on that pavement – packs her bags – and they continued living as husband and wife but separately.


As for Scientia, the company was closed and due to an investigation. The killer butterfly has killed almost all their employees; this happened when Amar was away to the city and when Xen Zhen was sick.


Since Amar was the creator of the killer butterfly, he was no hero after all. He just failed in life really. Don’t you think??

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Drama Radio : Disaat Kau Tak Ada by Varry.


Drama Radio by Varry Styles


Episode 1

Scene 1

Song: Flume by Bon Iver (Play for 1 minute – ish then fade out terdengar suara orang sedang memasak)



INT. Sebuah Apartemen di New York –


Dina, 25 thn seorang seniman teater yang sedang berkuliah di luar negeri (New York) sedang mendengarkan lagu ‘Flume’ dengan speaker di dalam kamarnya / living room sambil memasak dan menari.


Ketika ia sedang mencicipi Butter Chicken bikinannya, Harry pacarnya yang sudah lama bersama dengannya yang tinggal di Jakarta menelepon.


(Ringtone: Stay With Me – Sam Smith)


*Suara telepon Dina*

*Suara mematikan kompor dan menaruh spatulanya*


Dina (D): Hi sayang!


Harry (H): Lagi ngapain kamu?


D: Lagi masak nih, kesukaan kamu loh..


H: Hmm… wanginya kecium sampe sini.. hihi

D: Ah.. kamu bisa aja… Aku kangen loh.. makanya aku masak ini sambil nari2 lagunya Bon Iver kesukaan kamu.. Kamu kapan kesini?


H: Hmmm… Aku jadi tambah kangen sama kamu.. hmm, ga tau nih sayang, kerjaanku di Louis & Co. masih banyak.. mungkin musim semi tahun depan?


D: Hahaha.. sayangg.. kan emangnya kamu tahun depan kesini kan? Aku kan wisuda.. inget gak?


H: Oh iya yaa… Sori aku lupa sayang, lagi pusing disini.. Disana jam berapa nih?


D: Haduhh kamu tuh kalo udah kerjaan numpuk pasti lupa deh.. semoga aja kamu ga lupain aku..


H: Yah.. kamu sensi deh… Ga lah, you’re my only one..


D: Udah ah.. . gomball.. *laughs* Disini jam 11 siang sayang… kuliahku lagi libur


H: Wah pas dong aku nelpon kamu.. aku mkirin kamu terus nih..


D: Hihi.. sehati yah.. kamu mikirin apa? Kok berisik banget disana? kamu lagi nyetir yah?


H: Ohh ga, aku lagi di kantin kantor aku, lagi break – udah malem disini tapi aku males pulang. Aku lagi mkirin kita.


D: Aduh kamu ga kasian mama kamu di rumah nungguin kamu? Kamu mkirinnya dalem banget deh. Emang kita ada apa sayang?


H: Ga ada apa2 sih.. tapi udah hampir 3 tahun kamu disana.. aku kangen, trus aku cuman bisa meluk guling selama 3 tahun gantinya kamu..


D: Harry sayang, kamu jangan mikir gitu dong.. aku jadi sedih.. Aku juga disini meluk guling kalo kangen sama kamu, kayak hari ini aku masak buat kamu sebenernya, tapi kamu jauhhh… Makanya kamu kesiniii dongg… Yuukkk… nanti aku bilang Pak Louis deh, kan dia juga temennya papaku, jadi yaaa cincaylah yahhh…


H: *Laughs* kamu lucu .. ga bisa gitulah sayang…


D: Ya trus gimana dong.. aku kangennya udah to the max – ga bisa ditampung lagi nihh


H: Bisaa kok.. nih aku kirimin ember buat kamu..


D: *Laughs* Ahh kamu ada2 aja… *pause* Eh sayang, udah dulu yah.. aku laper nih.. kari ayamnya klo dingin kan ga enak.. jadi ga bisa inget kamu pas kamu ajak aku ke restoran india ala ala itu.. Aku masih gak ngerti kenapa tuh resto kamu bilang enak.. padahal biasa aja.. hahahhaa


H: *Laughs* Biarin.. yang penting kan kamu seneng.. hihi… Din.. aku telpon karena pengin ngomong penting.. boleh?


D: Hmm.. kamu kok jadi serius gitu? tapi aku beneran laper nih.. besok aja yah?


H: Haha ya uda deh gpp.. Love you.


D: Love you too.


*Dina hangs up the phone*



Scene 2

INT. Kantor Louis & Co.


*New Day*

*Harry in Jakarta*

*Suara kesibukan Kantor Pengacara*




Harry sedang bermain dengan handphonenya, ia sedang memikirkan Dina ketika bosnya Louis datang ke ruangan kantornya.


Bosnya Harry, Louis adalah seorang blasteran Indo, Amerika, Cina, dan Belanda.


Jadi klo dia ngomong campur2 antara Indonesia dan English.


Louis (L): Harry, bagaimana report yang saya kasih minggu lalu? Apakah sudah selesai dikerjakan?


H: Hi pak, hmm.. sudah.. bukannya saya sudah taruh di meja bapak yah minggu lalu?


L: Oh, kamu sudah taruh? Baik, baik.. maaf saya lupa.


H: *Harry cuman tersenyum, laughs* hehe iya pak..


L: Tapi sebenarnya bukan karena hal itu saya kesini.. saya ingin bicara sama kamu.

H: *Langsung merapikan dirinya dandengan posisi alert* Oh iya, ada apa ya pak?


L: Tidak apa, bagaimana kalau kamu datang besok ke ruangan kantor saya? Saya akan diskusikan lebih detail lagi dengan kamu besok?


H: Oh iya pak. Siap.


*Suara kesibukan kantor fade out*




Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind, Pt.2 (Broken Down)

The Chainsmoker – New York City



Scene 3 – New York Tempat Kuliah Dina

INT. Ruang kelas Dina, dimana ia belajar Sejarah Teater


Dosennya berbahasa Inggris dan mempunyai aksen America dan Australia

Mata pelajaran yang ia sedang pelajarin adalah tentang Shakespeare dan settingnya sudah hampir mau selesai


Lecturer 1:

Okay guys, next week we will be talking about the birth and importance of Shakespeare in Theatre History. And there’s a quiz! You don’t want to missed it!

The quiz has 50% weight on your final mark, so study hard yeah!


*Class bell ringing*


All right, class is dismissed!


*Sound: Semua murid bertebaran, meja kursi di geser, dan berisik obrolan mahasiswa.

*Sound: Suara hak sepatu mendekati Dina


Lecturer 1:

Dina, I would like to see you now.



Oh okay mam. Is there anything wrong?


Lecturer 1:

I’ve noticed that your last essay wasn’t good enough. Is it possible if you could re-do it?



Oh okay, is there anything particular that I need to fix in that essay?


Lecturer 1:

Pay attention to your grammar, and you need to do more research on how the Romeo and Juliet story affects you personally as an artist. Remember, this is your last thesis before you graduate, so you better do it really well. You are lucky, I’m not that killer lecture. *Laughs evilly*



*Nervous* Oh okay mam. That’s okay. I can fix it. When is itdo you need it by?


Lecturer 1:

If you can, maybe tomorrow?




*Gulps* Oh okay, is it possible if I submit it next week?


Lecturer 1:

Hmm.. How about I give you time for two days to finish it? So submit it to me by Monday? Next week, I won’t be here until after the final exam, which could delay your graduation. You don’t want that don’t you?



Oh okay. *Gulps* I’ll try my best and submit it to you by Monday. Thank you mam.


*The lecturer heels walks off from Dina, leaving Dina confused and scared*


Dina self talk (DST):

*Gulps* Gila nih dosen, baik sih baik.. tapi ga gini juga.. udah disuruh belajarin Shakespeare buat quiz besok, trus besok juga gue harus beresin tuh skripsi sialan. Kelar hidup guee..


*Phone Rings –> Ringtone: Stay with Me*


DST: Eh cowo gw, pas banget gue lagi butuh curhat!


Dina: Hi sayanggggggg! Pas banget kamu telepon! Aku lagi pusing nih.. masa guru sejarah teater gue yang notabene guru pembimbing gue juga, nyuruh gw benerin skripsi akhir aku selama dua hari trus abis itu di submit?! Katanya kalo gak aku gak bisa lulus ntar…


(Background telepon Harry berisik seperti di dalam mobil yang sedang jalan / nyetir – ia sedang bersama teman kantornya Diana)


Harry: *hesitant* oh iya iya.. gitu yah.. kerjain aja sayang.


Dina: Kok kamu aneh sih? Biasanya kamu gak gini deh.. ada apa ? Tumben kamu telepon jam segini?


Terdengar background suara Diana tertawa lagi di telpon dengan temannya: “Eh iya, gue lagi sama si Harry ganteng nih.. dia ngajakin gue dinner date. Gokil kan yah?”


Dina: (bingung) Sayang, itu siapa?


Harry: Ohh.. bukan siapa2 kok. Itu temen kantor aku, namanya Diana. Dia emang gitu orangnya, suka berhayal yang aneh2.


Diana: Oh, hellooo Dinaa!! You’re on the speaker phone!


Dina: *semakin bingung* *sedikit marah* Harold! Maksud kamu nelpon aku apa?! Jadi maksudnya kamu mau pamer ‘pacar’ baru kamu sama aku gitu?


Sound: Terdengar Harry agak risih dengan Diana dan mencoba untuk menenangkan Diana, ‘Ssshhhh.. din.. udahhh…


Harry: Bukan sayang.. aku lagi nyetir, jadi pake loudspeaker, sori Diana emang gitu, kita lagi mau ke tempatnya client Pak Louis, di Ciputra Mall – kamu tenang aja yah.. ga ada apa2 kok.


Diana: (Nimbrung) Haha tenang aja Ms.New York! Dia aman kok sama gue. Gue janji ga nakal. hihihii


Harry: Risih dengan Diana. ‘Din, udah dong.. kasian Dina..’


Dina: Ohhh okay! Jadi kamu nelpon aku siang bolong gini maksudnya kamu kemarin itu mau putus sama aku gitu? Great! Pas banget dengan aku harus beresin skripsi aku by tomorrow. Jadi maksudnya kamu nelpon aku itu mau ngasih tau klo kamu udah cape sama kangen2nya kamu trus kamu punya hak buat pamer cewe gila ini sebagai cewe baru kamu gituuu ?!!!!


Harry: Dina, I can explain. It’s not like that baby..


Dina: DO NOT BABY -ING ME. Aku tuh stress disini, kangen kamu, kangen rumah, kangen semuanya, tapi aku harus beresin kuliah aku disini demi papa. Kamu tau sendiri, waktu sebelum papa meninggal, dia pakaidia bilang aku harus cepet2 lulus, ga boleh bolos kuliah lagi dan aku udah janji sama dia. Seharusnya kamu tau. *mulai nangis*


Harry: (bingung mau ngomong apa)

Harry: Ssshh… sayang… aku ga selingkuh kok.. Diana itu emang orangnya gitu, dan ini kita lagi ada urusan kerjaan. Kamu jangan asumsi gitu dong.. ssshh…


Dina: *masih nangis*


Harry: Sayangg.. aku sayang kamu. Aku disini kemarin disuruh sama Pak Louis boss aku buat ngurusin kasus artis dangdut yang lagi mau cerai sama suaminya. Kebetulan artis itu clientnya Diana. Aku disini sebagai representasi dari lembaganya Pak Louis. Dia percaya sama aku buat ngehandle kasus ini sebagai orang kepercayaannya dia. Truss.. aku kemarin nelpon kamu itu sebenernya mau bilang.



Harry: Ssshh.. sayangg.. udah dong… bukan gitu… Aku mau bilang, kata Pak Louis klo kasus ini oke dan masalahnya beres, aku mau di tempatin di kantor pusatnya Louis and Co Law Firm di New York selama setahun buat aku belajar jadi CFO untuk lembaga ini . Jadi aku bisa ketemu kamu deh!


Dina: (tiba-tiba hening)


Harry: Sayang..? kamu gpp?


Dina: *masih berusaha menyudahi nangisnya yg sesegukan* Ka..kamu serius…?!


Harry: Iya. Aku serius. Makanya kamu jangan jelesan gitu dong.. Aku sama Diana ga ada apa2nya kok. Dia pure temen kerja aku.


Diana (nimbrung): temen kerja, apa ‘temen’ kerja?? *evil laugh*


*Harry tambah risih dengan Diana.*


Harry: Diana! Udah dong, jangan giniin gue, kasian cewe gue disana. Ssshh. Stop please.*


Diana: Okay okay!! (teriak ke telponnya Harry) Sorry Dinss! Gue cuman becanda kok! *evil laugh* hahahahaha !


Harry: Sayang? kamu masih disitu? Jadi gimana kamu seneng kan..?


Dina: …… iiyaa.. aku seneng… tapi kenapa aku ada perasaan aneh sama Diana yah..



Harry: Udah, kamu gak usah mikirin itu.. coba tarik nafas.. buang… trus penjamin mata kamu.. dua minggu lagi aku kesitu. Oke? Love youu..


Dina: Dua minggu?! *Langsung seneng* Whaa okay sayang! Beneran? *kaya mimpi*


Harry: Iya sayang, dua minggu. Oke? Sekarang kamu kerjain aja skripsi kamu biar beres yah? Jadi pas aku dateng kita bisa jalan2 oke? Love you.


Dina: Ok. Love you too.


Harry: Dahhh.


*Harry menutup telponnya, namun sebelum teleponnya ditutup, terdengar suara Diana mencium Harry sehingga membuat Harry buru2 menutup telponnya*


Dina: Ohh.. o.k..k *sedikit merasa aneh dan bingung terhadap suara2 dibelakang telponnya Harry sebelum dia menutup pembicaraannya dengan Dina.

Dina Self Talk (DST):


“Kok, perasaan gue ga enak yah? Gw seneng banget akhirnya dia bisa dateng tinggal disini selama setahun, trus dua minggu lagi ! Whoa.. gw harus siap2 belanja ayam yang banyak nih buat masakain dia Butter Chicken favouritenya !


Hmm.. okay..


Tapi gue bingung, kok tadi ada suara orang ciuman yah ?

Ahh.. mungkin itu cuman perasaan gue aja. Lagi sensi gara2 si dosen yang ngakunya gak killer tapi sebenernya dia berbakat buat jadi dosen killer – killer tapi pura2 baik. Hahaha..


  • Dina lost in her thoughts*


Fade out.

Song: Lady Gaga – Million Reason


Scene 4 – Jakarta

INT. Mobil — Harry dan Diana scene


*Diana mencium pipi Harry dan tertawa puas*


Harry: Diana! Gila lo! Maksudnya apaan sih? *mengelak Diana dengan tangannya*


Diana: *evil laugh* *suara diana itu kayak cewe2 manja ga jelas gitu* Harry sayangg… ga usah pura2 deh.. kan kamu juga suka sama aku… buktinya kemarin kamu curhat panjang lebar tentang Dina.. udahlah.. ngapain.. dia lagi di New York, york. Katanya kamu kemarin haus kasih sayang, sini.. sama aku aja. Aku rela kok..


*Harry rem mendadak* Cciiittttt*


Diana: Aduh!


Harry: Denger ya, kita disini cuman rekan kerja. Gw bantuin lo beresin ini kasus. Lo bantuin gue ke Pak Louis. Oke?


Diana: Yakin, cuman gitu aja? Gue bisa aja loh report ke Pak Louis klo lo malah memperkeruh suasana perceraian client gue? Mau kayak gitu?


Harry: Diana, please. Kasus ini penting buat gue. Gue mau ke New York, gw mau ngelamar Dina. Walau gue curhat panjang lebar soal Dina kemarin2 sama lu dan Kevin, bukan berarti lu bisa jadi milik gue okay? Gue tau kok lu suka sama gue udah lama, tapi work is work. Okay?


Diana: *Evilly Hesitant* Hmm. Ok.


*Silent in the car*



No Control – by One Direction


*Fade out*



To be continued – episode 1 ends here














Episode 2

Scene 5

INT. Diana’s Apartment New York


Time: Almost Two Weeks Later.


*Suara memasak, memotong di dapur*


Dina: Ouch! *tangannya Dina kena pisau* Duh.. hhhh.. ada ajaa…


SOUND: *Dina bergegas, mencari hansaplast di kotak P3knya, membukanya dan memasangnya*



*Sedang mengatur rencananya utk kedatangan Harry. Dan lost in her thoughts* Ok, ayam udah siap di kulkas, semua bumbu2 lagi aku potongin. Ga sabar buat dia dateng! hihi! aku udah beli lilin, bunga, syal warna kesukaannya dia, pasti ntar dia seneng. Tapi kok aneh yah, belom ada email, atau sms dari dia – atau telepon. Padahal dua hari lagi dia katanya mau kesini kan. Hhhh…. kok perasaan gw ga enak yah.. haduhh moga2 gpp dhe…


Dari kemarin gw sibuk beresin skripsi sama dosen killer itu – aduhhh pusing pala gue jadi ga sempet telpon Harry deh. Tapi untung udah beres. Tinggal nunggu kabar dari si dosen sedeng itu. Haha. Harry lagi ngapain yah? Ahh aku udah ga sabar dia kesini. Hihi. Telpon ah… “








This scene is back and forth between Harry in Jakarta and Dina in New York




SOUND: Harry – JKT – Ringtone: “Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love” + vibrate diatas meja


Dina: Kok tumben lama yah diangkatnya.. kenapa yah? *tutup teleponnya trus coba telepon lagi*


SOUND: Harry – JKT – Ringtone: “Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love” + vibrate diatas meja


Dina: *Mulai resah* kok gini .. biasanya dia langsung angkat. *Trying to be positive* apa dia udah di pesawat yah? tapi klo dipesawat ko dia ga matiin hapenya? HHHH…. lagi sibuk kali yah? Yuda deh ntar aku telpon lagi.

*Ditutup lagi*













Harry @ JKT –


Meanwhile the same time in Jakarta….



INT. Kantor Harry – Night.

Time: Sehari sebelum sidang, dua hari sebelum Harry berangkat ke New York – (supposed to be)



Diana: (mendesah) hh… Harry.. *mencium Harry, namun terdengar sebenarnya Harry terdengar terpaksa dan sedang di goda oleh Diana.


Harry: *ngos2an* Diana! Stop! Loe apa2an sih ini. *trying to catch his breath*


Diana: Halah.. udah ga usah muna deh lu.. lu suka kan gue gituin? Buktinya tadi lu nikmatin. *evil laugh*


Harry: Ngg…. ya ga gitu juga! Kita kan tadi disini mau bicarain soal sidang besok, kok tiba2 lo jadi wild gini sih? Gokil lo ya!! PARAH !


Diana: *evil laugh* Harry harry harry… Harold Edward Stephen. You are handsome, but naive. Emangnya loe pikir loe bisa dapet kasus besar client gue dari si Louis itu karena hasil kerja keras loe? *evil laugh* Hahahaha.. NOPE! Asal loe tau aja, gue udah suka sama loe dari dulu banget sampe gue desperate gimana caranya dapetin lo, karena lo selalu ignore gue. Dan ketika sebulan yang lalu setelah lu di assigned kasus ini bareng gue, loe sempet cerita ttg pacar lo Dina yang manja itu ke Kevin – temen loe – yg notabene mejanya sebelah gue – ya gw denger lah – how desperate you are – how empty you are. Ringtone lo sama Dina aja ‘Give me Love nananana I’m desperate’ *mocking Ringtonenya Harry* Trus gw minta ke si Louis supaya lu juga di assigned buat bantuin kasusnya client gue. // Hahahaha.. Sebenernya sih gue bisa aja ngerjain ini semua sendiri.

Tapi pas loe bilang iya menyangguppi ‘semuanya ini’ sama bos Louis – si bos bilang ke gue ‘He’s all yours.’


Lol, asal lo tau aja, si bos sama gue udah ga bisa terpisahkan deh. Walau dia punya istri di rumah, tapi buat dia, gue bisa isi kekosongan hatinya. Tapi gue bosen, sebenernya gue udah pengen making out sama lu dari dulu, gue pengen isi kekosongan hati lu – dan I’m an expert for that! Ha!


Jadi lo ga usah kaget2 ga jelas gini deh.


You’re all MINE now.


Harry: *terperanjat* *mau keluar ruangan kantornya tapi udah dikunci sama Diana* Whatt..?! apa?! Lo gila! Gila! Bitch! Bos Louis sama loe? Trus maksudnya loe isi kekosongan gue apa? Gw baik2 aja sama Dina! Jangan ngerusakin hubungan gue sama Dina Lo ga tau gue sama Dinadina gimana, jadi jangan sok tau !!


-Jeda –  


Buka gak! Buka ni pintu!!!! Atau gw panggil polisi!


Diana: Hahahaha. Silahkan. Hape lo dari tadi sudah tersambung dengan Ms. New York tersayang…


(Megang teleponnya Harry, yang dimana sudah tersambung ke telponnya Dina, mimik suaranya Harry)


Halo, Dina sayang? Sori yah, aku ga jadi ke New York soalnya aku lagi having fun nih sama Diana. Hahaha. Udah yah.. Dahhh. *menutup teleponnya*


Harry: *mencoba merebut telponnya dari Diana* Halo! Halo! Sayang?


*tut tut tut* *tidak ada respon dari Dina*

*Harry semakin panik dan mencoba untuk membuka paksa pintu yang sudah dikunci*


Diana: Silahkan. Percuma. Lu mau minta tolong sama siapa juga percuma. Semuanya sudah pulang.


Harry: Bitch! Mau lo apa sih? Gila ! Let me out! *panik*


Diana: Harold Edward Stephen. Lo tau apa kepanjangan dari Louis and Co? dan siapa Co itu? *evil laugh*


Co itu adalah GUE.


I owned this company. I can do everything that I want.


Co means collaboration between Me and Louis. So that means you are mine and kalo lo mau tetep kerja disini dan tetep punya sertifikat pengacara lo you have to do exactly as what I say.


Lo mau lapor polisi? Haha! Silahkan! Gw jamin ga bakal ada yang percaya sama lo.

Semua kemungkinan bukti dan kejadian disini sudah gue apus.


Jadi pilihan lo, antara lo keluar dari sini, nama lo diapus, dan lo dianggap mati atau lo stay here, do as I say dan besok kita akan menang sidang, karena gw tau lo adalah seorang pengacara yang berbakat.


Bagaimana tawaran gue? *evil laugh*




*Dengan terpaksa Harry memilih untuk tetap disitu seperti tidak ada pilihan lain lagi, He’s running out of option*




What DO YOU want?




*Smiling evilly*


Made love to me.



I Put A Spell on You by Annie Lennox

Pillowtalk by ZAYN

One Direction – StockholmSyndrome










Dina POV @ NY

INT. Apartemen Dina


*Telpon Dina bunyi: Ringtone: Stay With Me by Sam Smith*



Ahh..! akhirnya dia nelpon ! Asyikk.. jadi ke New York nih!


*Dina mengangkat telponnya: Halo, sayang? … kemudian dia terdiam


*Di dalam telpon — terdengar suara desahan, teriakan mendesahnya Diana, suara ciuman, kertas dan barang berjatuhan. terdengar Diana mendesah ‘Harrrrryyy….’


*Dina jatuh terduduk, ga percaya. Ketakutan yang selama ini dia rasakan, terjadi di telinganya – walau hanya di dalam telpon – tapi buat dia semuanya hancur – plan dan masa lalu dan masa depanya bersama Harry hancur berantakan seketika – walau hati kecilnya merasa ini semua tidak benar – namun dia sudah terlanjur shock*


Dina: Ha..llo.. sayangg… haa..loo.. kamu .. kamu… *mulai menangis*


Diana: *Mimik suaranya Harry* Halo Dina sayang? Sori yah, aku ga jadi ke New York soalnya aku lagi having fun nih sama Diana. Hahaha. Udah yah.. Dahhh.

*Menutup teleponnya*


Dina: * Suara telpon tertutup: Tut tut tut* *masih ga percaya* Halo? Halo? Harry?!






H…arry… ?


*menangis tersedu2, lemes*


Ga kusangka.. selama ini kamu.. *tambah lagi nangisnya*


Tapi aku sudah siapin makanan kesukaan kamu,.. Ha…rry…. *Sesegukan*



Dive’ by Ed Sheeran

‘Sick of Losing Soulmate’ by dodie

All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran

‘Heaven Knows’ by Hillsong United


— End —


Or to be continue to Episode 3?