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Working for Boyzlife. (From fangirl turned LO crew POV experience)

The idea of Boyzlife came on like in November 2016, where I propose the idea of their tour to my friend who is my boss who had a promotor organization called Full Color Party.

I sent him the youtube links and introduce him to the Boyzlife. I also tell my fellow fangirl friends about this idea to also speak about it to him.

6 months later, it finally came through.

I helped him from finding the airline sponsors, sales, marketing, and what I do best, hospitality.

As a Brian McFadden and Westlife fan, working for Boyzlife it’s fun and amazing at the same time.

They’re really easy going artist and really funny to be around. They love their fans and they’re in Indonesia because of their fans.

I’m really happy and fortunate that I got to serve my favorite artist. I’ve met Brian in Sydney before around 2013 like three times. Since then I haven’t meet him. I really love his talent and musician skills – Without I realize, I also have this same belief like Brian about life – that life is short – and we have to appreciate what we had and just live the moment.

I also have a McFaddenIndo official fan club for Brian that I run and managed with my fellow friends. We tried so hard to make Boyzlife happened because Brian is really rare for us to come to Indonesia. While Shane Filan is like so often that we joked he might become a WNI one day. LOL.


Even though I like Brian and his ‘true fan darling’ thing to him, but when I first welcomed him in Jakarta he didn’t recognize me until I showed him my picture where we met in Sydney back in 2013.

When I showed him that, he just ‘whoa your hair is so different!’ then went off on his own thing.

I feel privileged because I got to drive him around town after the concert. This is not because I want to, but because I have to. The driver can’t speak English and as part of hospitality team, one of our code of ethic is , we need to make the artist welcomed and comfortable. So yeah, because I speak English, we arranged it this way.

It was the most fun and awkward experience ever.  I got to share this experience with my team captain, N – and it was the most cherished experience that we will ever had together.

It’s hard to differentiate yourself that you are a super fan and also you are working for them. But I did it. I keep it professional even though I’m dying on the inside trying hard to just do the work and not thinking it as fans to their fav artist but thinking it like they’re just like us.

But when Brian sang Signs of the Times from Harry Styles as his warm up – and while we’re waiting for him to come down with us, my knees were weak and I just fell down and said it to my team captain, ‘WHYYY… HE SOUNDED SO GOOD.’ Both are my fav artist – but I did that falling down on my knees thing without the artist sees it tho. haha.

When he came out from Keith’s room, on their way to the concert, I said to him, ‘I like your Harry Styles jam. It was really good.’ He said, ‘Oh you did? Yeah, I like that song. It’s such a good song.’

Throughout my days with Boyzlife, I tried to keep it low profile and professional about my fangirl admiration towards Brian. I don’t know if he notices but I think my highlight as fangirl while working for him were:

  1. When God told me to asked him about his gig in Revesby when we start our conversation after the concert.–> “Brian, do you remember your gig in Revesby Workers Club in Sydney?” he’s like thinking it through and then he remembers ‘Revesby?” “No way!” “Yeah, I was there.” “Wait, let’s youtube ‘Brian McFadden Revesby Workers Club and what turned up!” The google result was my video and the rest of his gig at Revesby. He was so happy about it – as in it highlights his career of doing good cover songs technically with him.
  2. The WAZE driving experience – this was hilarious.
  3. At the airport, it was really early. He said ‘I’m so tired..’ then I offered him a hug. ‘do you …. need a hug?” then we hugged – quite long, like a comforting hug, then I told him ‘You are so tall’ because I had to kept on my toes every time we hugged, then he just took it off. lol.
  4. When we gave them a small elephant keychain.  I gave it to John, Keith, and to Brian. I told them, that these keychain is for your charm to wish you safe travels from us and it is from Bangkok. Then Brian asked, ‘When did you went to Bangkok?’ I said ‘Two weeks ago.” I wanted to give you guys these so you’ll remember us every time you see an elephant. – then he joked while puppet-ting the elephant he just received “Look at me, I’m the biggest elephant in the room.” and I just laughed.
  5. Lastly that still affected me until now, it’s the last hug and kisses at the airport. It might be just a normal kisses and hug from him for me – but for me the fact that he choses to kiss my cheek is always making me giggle – lol // This because I wanted to asked him about the twitter thing – he used to follow me on twitter and then unfollowed me because i told him about GPS thing / like he showed his location on twitter and I tweeted to turned it off ? – it kinda hurt me because it was hard to get his follow right – then I want to know why or tell him the meaning behind my tweet – i waited for 5 years for this – so before he took off at the airport – I asked him without wanting to bother him or something because for me his privacy are everything. “Brian…. (he looked at me) do you remember that you used to follow me on twitter, then you unfollowed me because of the GPS thing?.” He said,”Yep! I remember.” then went off to do his own thing.. it was awkward…. then I said again ‘Well, I just want to say…. that I meant it well’ – then he turned to me and smiled.

That twitter thing has left me unresolved because I still want to know why – but at that time it was important for me to let him know that I meant it well and no harm at all.

Then it was the time for us to say goodbye. Keith kissed my cheek and hugged me for soooooooo longgggggg… then up to John, the tour manager, we hugged and I got the kissed on the cheek.

Then it comes to Brian.

I wasn’t sure if he’d hugged me again because we hugged before and we just had our awkward moment … but then he opened his arms, hugged me tightly and he kissed me deeply on the cheek. I can feel his beard.

OH GOD – my heart was numb at that time, all I can think is “Pleasee… I wish someone recorded this or took picture of it lol… so i can look at it and see it again…” I guess my fangirling heart can’t pretend anymore – lol – despite I’m still trying to be professional still haha – especially during that moment when we sent them off –

So we hugged deeply and it was quite long. When we hugged, he chose to kissed my cheek. We normally just hugged – but this hug at the airport was special for me.

When we hugged, I said to him ‘See you soon. Safe travels.’ then we still hugged and after that we took it off together.

After the hug, I can still feel his beard on my cheek – lol.

That was special.

I talked about it to my fellow Brian fangirls, that know him more than me – I became Brian’s fans for like after he left Westlife – while my fellow fangirls liked him since he was in Westlife – so yeah they know him more than me- haha

I asked them the reason why Brian hugged me for so long especially after the awkward twitter thing – their answer made me giggle and understand him more – they said that when Brian hugged me – that means he knows I’m his loyal fans and that he appreciate me – he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore with the twitter thing – because it’s just twitter – the most important thing that he knows I’m his loyal fans.

I just melt … reading those. and thinking it again of what happened at the airport – I giggled and just really happy about it.

I kept smiling for this experience and I thank Jesus for this opportunity.

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As a music fan, I’m feelin’ blessed.

Can I just say that I’ve worked with/for AirSupply, Shane Filan, Keith Duffy, Brian McFadden and One Direction (kind of) personally?
#ThankYouJesus #NightReflection #FangirlGoals
Next Hospitality Team Goal:
– Harry Styles
– Niall Horan
– Ed Sheeran
– Liam Payne
– Westlife Reunion
I believe that throughout my work as hospitality team, God wants me to bring His mission / compassion / blessings through me to the artists that I served / helped. I believe that’s the ministry that God wants me to carry on for the Artist so they can see His love throughout my actions. 🙂
#ThankYouJesus #<3
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I was the LO for Air Supply Concert in Jakarta

Behind the scene of this story: I am seriously in awe of what God has written for me. I never thought I will finally able to serve Him through me being the LO or a Stage Manager. Never alone imagining that I would be here now, taking this pic, serving Air Supply / Graham and Russell, yet alone having that huge responsibility of driving the artist twice from the airport to the venue, got smooch twice from the artist and most importantly they are happy with our service. Weeks ago I was being forcefully resigned as ASM at my old office, if I choose to stay angry or dwelling with whats wrong and not moving forward, I would never have found my KIND of people, being surrounded by legends, and being trusted to serve them and use all that I got that God has given me for this opportunity. I love serving, i love helping, i love arranging dressing rooms, i love everything about production / concert / artist. I always wanted to be a LO, now that I am free, I’m looking forward 4 what God has written for me.



I’m still amazed by how God does His wonders where we wait faithfully on Him.

I never imagined in my whole life that I would be the LO for Air Supply – let alone being able to drive them around in Jakarta and being trusted??

Oh God.

I always wanted to be the LO or part of hospitality team.

and here I was.

Everything happens for a reason.

I believe that.

During this week where I was the LO for Air Supply – made me think loads of things that happened in the past.

Like, learning how to drive properly. How to park backwards, driving in reverse mode, was an Uber driver, and so on.

It all make sense. I remember when I wasn’t good at driving, I remember that my dad used to be afraid of me driving his car or even my own car -and because I was nekad, I finally able to drive using my instinct and here I was driving the artist from their hotel to the venue.

That seemed small but I was so nervous and kept praying about it that day.

Fortunately, everything went well and smoothly. Tho there were bumping roads here there and everywhere lol

But I’m okay, the artist was okay –

Long story short, our aim as the hospitality team was to make the artist and the band happy – which is for me that’s really easy – because I love helping, I love caring for people. So you can say, this LO job is for me. 😀

The concert went well, the artist and the band was extremely happy with our services.

After the concert, the LO team got the opportunity to take pic with the artist – and Russell was like, Thank you ! Can I have a smooch? – I said, sure! and I was hugging the artists, they were saying that I’m a good girl- LOL -okay…

I got two smooches from Russell that night – lol.

I wasn’t a big fan of Air supply before tho I sung their song occasionally, but now I do ! 😀

So yeah, that’s my story.

Behind those disappointment – you have to remember that your life is MOVING FORWARD – NOT BACKWARDS.

I thanked Jesus through Full Color Entertainment for this opportunity and I’m looking forward for more!


#ThankYouJESUS #LO #SM #HospitalityTeam