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List of Crush (LOL)

Okay so I have been having crushes throughout my whole life so I want to list them out – either they’re real or it’s a celebrity crush …

Here they go…..

Grade 5 till Uni Era 2014 – Celeb

  1. Shane Filan (Westlife)  — I eventually work with him – like what a dream come true!!! 
  2. Brian McFadden – I mean him too.. he still gives me goosebumps / that little girl feel whenever we met and hug him. lol – I work with him too like twice.. 


3. Joseph Zhang – LOL  – this period of crush was a bit weird for me because I crushed on his acting and his character on this movie below – but it’s like the ‘don’t care, but I do care and I show up’ type – yeha….

4. Jean Baptiste Maunier – and i’m friends with him and his cousin on facebook ! (soo cool !) 

5. Reuben Morgan – I have this crush with him – he’s a worship pastor / leader – I think i like the idea that he is Godly / man of God – that I didn’t quite get that from my boyfriend – but there’s this time where I was obsessing over him tbh – and I did meet him quite couple of times and it was always embarassing after wards – OMG. LOL. 

Junior High School era – Real person lol

  1. Nanda – I still remember I gave him chocolate over his locker and he was mean – lol / but we’re facebook friends now, and he eventually apologize – so all good 🙂 – 
  2. Luther – Ok, so I met him like really quick ones – only like 3 days – in Melbourne, Australia – during my Junior High Field Trip there – that was really strange times on my self lol 
  3. Liam – I knew him in uni – so it’s like 2013-2014 era … 😀 

2013/2014 Era – Now

Harry Styles – People say I’m obsessed – but I don’t think so – it’s better if you look at this link – so you know all the deeds ! –> Read here: Letters To Harry

2018 –


Scott Michael Foster – OMG. I just realized that he looks exactly like Reuben Morgan – but I think he’s single lol. So I have this fantasy where the man of my dreams is like Reuben Morgan – i mean, Godly, humble, have that kind of Reuben’s face – and play actor / music / guitar / can sing – and he has all those stuff. Also he’s a pisces ! OMG. I realized this about Scott, when I watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend season 3 today – and the more I search about him, the more I become like OMG. And I just realized that now the benefits of having an Actor / Celeb Crush is actually WAYYYYY BETTER than crushing over Musicians – because what you want to fantasized in – it’s ALREADY THERE ON THE SCREEN – SO YEAH. 


Scene from Crazy Ex Girlfriend – Fit Hot Guys


Ok, so you got what I mean right ?? 😀


And all of these men that I ever crushed on – has got qualities that I really want in my life / my husband – that eventually I didn’t really quite get it from my current boyfriend. Maybe that’s why I’ve been having so many crushes on these men – LOL.

BECAUSE if I do list it down – they have similar type / qualities that I want in my life – so that’s really cool.





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