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Working for Boyzlife. (From fangirl turned LO crew POV experience)

The idea of Boyzlife came on like in November 2016, where I propose the idea of their tour to my friend who is my boss who had a promotor organization called Full Color Party.

I sent him the youtube links and introduce him to the Boyzlife. I also tell my fellow fangirl friends about this idea to also speak about it to him.

6 months later, it finally came through.

I helped him from finding the airline sponsors, sales, marketing, and what I do best, hospitality.

As a Brian McFadden and Westlife fan, working for Boyzlife it’s fun and amazing at the same time.

They’re really easy going artist and really funny to be around. They love their fans and they’re in Indonesia because of their fans.

I’m really happy and fortunate that I got to serve my favorite artist. I’ve met Brian in Sydney before around 2013 like three times. Since then I haven’t meet him. I really love his talent and musician skills – Without I realize, I also have this same belief like Brian about life – that life is short – and we have to appreciate what we had and just live the moment.

I also have a McFaddenIndo official fan club for Brian that I run and managed with my fellow friends. We tried so hard to make Boyzlife happened because Brian is really rare for us to come to Indonesia. While Shane Filan is like so often that we joked he might become a WNI one day. LOL.


Even though I like Brian and his ‘true fan darling’ thing to him, but when I first welcomed him in Jakarta he didn’t recognize me until I showed him my picture where we met in Sydney back in 2013.

When I showed him that, he just ‘whoa your hair is so different!’ then went off on his own thing.

I feel privileged because I got to drive him around town after the concert. This is not because I want to, but because I have to. The driver can’t speak English and as part of hospitality team, one of our code of ethic is , we need to make the artist welcomed and comfortable. So yeah, because I speak English, we arranged it this way.

It was the most fun and awkward experience ever.  I got to share this experience with my team captain, N – and it was the most cherished experience that we will ever had together.

It’s hard to differentiate yourself that you are a super fan and also you are working for them. But I did it. I keep it professional even though I’m dying on the inside trying hard to just do the work and not thinking it as fans to their fav artist but thinking it like they’re just like us.

But when Brian sang Signs of the Times from Harry Styles as his warm up – and while we’re waiting for him to come down with us, my knees were weak and I just fell down and said it to my team captain, ‘WHYYY… HE SOUNDED SO GOOD.’ Both are my fav artist – but I did that falling down on my knees thing without the artist sees it tho. haha.

When he came out from Keith’s room, on their way to the concert, I said to him, ‘I like your Harry Styles jam. It was really good.’ He said, ‘Oh you did? Yeah, I like that song. It’s such a good song.’

Throughout my days with Boyzlife, I tried to keep it low profile and professional about my fangirl admiration towards Brian. I don’t know if he notices but I think my highlight as fangirl while working for him were:

  1. When God told me to asked him about his gig in Revesby when we start our conversation after the concert.–> “Brian, do you remember your gig in Revesby Workers Club in Sydney?” he’s like thinking it through and then he remembers ‘Revesby?” “No way!” “Yeah, I was there.” “Wait, let’s youtube ‘Brian McFadden Revesby Workers Club and what turned up!” The google result was my video and the rest of his gig at Revesby. He was so happy about it – as in it highlights his career of doing good cover songs technically with him.
  2. The WAZE driving experience – this was hilarious.
  3. At the airport, it was really early. He said ‘I’m so tired..’ then I offered him a hug. ‘do you …. need a hug?” then we hugged – quite long, like a comforting hug, then I told him ‘You are so tall’ because I had to kept on my toes every time we hugged, then he just took it off. lol.
  4. When we gave them a small elephant keychain.  I gave it to John, Keith, and to Brian. I told them, that these keychain is for your charm to wish you safe travels from us and it is from Bangkok. Then Brian asked, ‘When did you went to Bangkok?’ I said ‘Two weeks ago.” I wanted to give you guys these so you’ll remember us every time you see an elephant. – then he joked while puppet-ting the elephant he just received “Look at me, I’m the biggest elephant in the room.” and I just laughed.
  5. Lastly that still affected me until now, it’s the last hug and kisses at the airport. It might be just a normal kisses and hug from him for me – but for me the fact that he choses to kiss my cheek is always making me giggle – lol // This because I wanted to asked him about the twitter thing – he used to follow me on twitter and then unfollowed me because i told him about GPS thing / like he showed his location on twitter and I tweeted to turned it off ? – it kinda hurt me because it was hard to get his follow right – then I want to know why or tell him the meaning behind my tweet – i waited for 5 years for this – so before he took off at the airport – I asked him without wanting to bother him or something because for me his privacy are everything. “Brian…. (he looked at me) do you remember that you used to follow me on twitter, then you unfollowed me because of the GPS thing?.” He said,”Yep! I remember.” then went off to do his own thing.. it was awkward…. then I said again ‘Well, I just want to say…. that I meant it well’ – then he turned to me and smiled.

That twitter thing has left me unresolved because I still want to know why – but at that time it was important for me to let him know that I meant it well and no harm at all.

Then it was the time for us to say goodbye. Keith kissed my cheek and hugged me for soooooooo longgggggg… then up to John, the tour manager, we hugged and I got the kissed on the cheek.

Then it comes to Brian.

I wasn’t sure if he’d hugged me again because we hugged before and we just had our awkward moment … but then he opened his arms, hugged me tightly and he kissed me deeply on the cheek. I can feel his beard.

OH GOD – my heart was numb at that time, all I can think is “Pleasee… I wish someone recorded this or took picture of it lol… so i can look at it and see it again…” I guess my fangirling heart can’t pretend anymore – lol – despite I’m still trying to be professional still haha – especially during that moment when we sent them off –

So we hugged deeply and it was quite long. When we hugged, he chose to kissed my cheek. We normally just hugged – but this hug at the airport was special for me.

When we hugged, I said to him ‘See you soon. Safe travels.’ then we still hugged and after that we took it off together.

After the hug, I can still feel his beard on my cheek – lol.

That was special.

I talked about it to my fellow Brian fangirls, that know him more than me – I became Brian’s fans for like after he left Westlife – while my fellow fangirls liked him since he was in Westlife – so yeah they know him more than me- haha

I asked them the reason why Brian hugged me for so long especially after the awkward twitter thing – their answer made me giggle and understand him more – they said that when Brian hugged me – that means he knows I’m his loyal fans and that he appreciate me – he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore with the twitter thing – because it’s just twitter – the most important thing that he knows I’m his loyal fans.

I just melt … reading those. and thinking it again of what happened at the airport – I giggled and just really happy about it.

I kept smiling for this experience and I thank Jesus for this opportunity.

—- Links:

Boyzlife: Live in Jakarta (21 May 2017)

Welcoming Boyzlife to Jakarta !

brian and meM&G

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As a music fan, I’m feelin’ blessed.

Can I just say that I’ve worked with/for AirSupply, Shane Filan, Keith Duffy, Brian McFadden and One Direction (kind of) personally?
#ThankYouJesus #NightReflection #FangirlGoals
Next Hospitality Team Goal:
– Harry Styles
– Niall Horan
– Ed Sheeran
– Liam Payne
– Westlife Reunion
I believe that throughout my work as hospitality team, God wants me to bring His mission / compassion / blessings through me to the artists that I served / helped. I believe that’s the ministry that God wants me to carry on for the Artist so they can see His love throughout my actions. 🙂
#ThankYouJesus #<3
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Encounters with Jesus Rationale

The idea of Jesus coming to strangers, made them whole again always intrigues me and that is why I choose John 4:4-26. I’ve been making a play for my church theatre based on Jesus encounters with the lost man/person. One of the examples was Safe (Me) one of my play that was produced for a 10 min Christmas advent drama/skit. The story of Safe (Me) begins with a girl who lost everything, including her home, family, her only mother, finances, etc and was mad to God, asking God of why He would let her suffering like this – until the day an Angelic character/ a Man character come out of nowhere to ask about where’s the street/ asking for directions.

This was very similar to how Jesus encounters with the Samaritan woman in the well – where he asked for water but he actually had a plan. In the text, “Assumes that Jesus and the disciples had such a bucket, but the disciples had taken it with them to the city. Jesus could easily have requested that they leave it behind for his use. But he had a plan.” Bailey, K.2008, page 202.

In my story of Safe (Me), the Man character representing Jesus than brings a whole new life and hope to this girl. It took time for the girl to finally understand what the Man character meant – but her defense starts to melt down when the Man reveals her past and knows her life. In John 4:4-25 – it also tell how Jesus approach the woman, by asking a drinking water from the well to where Jesus reveals the woman past even though the woman was trying to push Jesus away by saying, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” – John 4:9 (NIV) then at the end she finally believes and said, “I know that Messiah (called Christ) is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.” – John 4:25 (NIV)

In both stories (Samaritan women and Safe (Me)) have a similar character arch and journey and to be honest, I didn’t know this until I read John 4:4-26 when I did my research. There’s always a gap in between of my knowledge, that I understand Jesus grace are able to cure/saved the sinful woman or a lost person saved but I didn’t always know which chapter they are written in the Bible.

Before Safe Me – there was a similar story called BACK – which my friend, Lingkan wrote in 2009 for A New Years Eve – the character journey was the same, where she just lost everything due to the Tsunami disasters – she was wearing all black, the set was during night time in the park – where there’s a crazy women and homeless guy lived in that park (I was playing as the crazy women) and there she was crying, hauling and was talking to her self like she’s about to go mad. Then there’s this strange man came out of no where with the introduction line, ”May I seat here, next to you?” this man then reveal the past of her, how she lost her family, and how she has to let go everything and believes in Christ. This Man is the representative of Christ. She then learn to let go after seeing a woman came in asking for help – it was really hard for her after this man left but her self defense was defeated when she finally realize that this man was right.

During my writing session of Safe (Me) – I was inspired by two things, the BACK story (the setting, the character, and the journey) and SAFE (a song by Westlife which I played in on repeat) – These two stories has a similar character arch/story arch to John 4:4-26 – Which I’m really happy to wrote it down the new ones and this time the story will be based on this John 4:4-26 and with “Thank You Jesus” by Hillsong Live song. I could’ve hand in my SAFE (ME) play to you as my creative drama play but I don’t think it’s good enough, thou I will still attached it in my submission as my point of reference.

In making this story it will be truly based on John 4:4-26, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Encounters With Jesus (which explains to me about the setting and how they are in those days) and the new Hillsong Live song, “Thank You Jesus” (which I will also attached the lyrics and the MP3).

The setting of the play is in a park by the 6 hours, a man who is Jesus enters like a traveler, asking for food or a direction. I’m going to modernize the lines base on the New Living Translation, because I feel that the script it self from the Bible – there’s a dramatic values in it – especially when Jesus finally reveals himself, “I am he.” – John 4:26 (NIV) So you will find similarities from the bible chapter but this story is adapted to a possible drama skit for my church theatre in Indonesia.

In the commentary book that I read for the research, there was a specific explanation on how Jesus can’t casually just sat down in the well and interacts with the women – there were so many boundaries that Jesus violated by meeting with this women in the well. “In the world of the Gospels, boundaries that prohibited contact or behavior served to protect honor and social status. In some cases – as in rules that controlled how unmarried men and women could meet – they protected the purity of families and moral values, and they avoided the possibility of unfortunate accusations.” – Burge.G, 2010, page 101.

So you can imagine that His encounter with the Samaritan woman was awkward and uncomfortable. From the same book, chapter 5, page 104, Burge.G, 2010, also tell us to “Imagine on how the woman arrives at the famous Jacob well with a water jar, Jesus sits on its lid or the edge, and he ask for a water because He doesn’t have the jar/bucket.” Also according to Burge.G, 2010, page 104; the Samaritan women “had known wayward men”. So we can imagine how the situation like on the setting, I would specifically asked my actors to read this Encounter with Jesus book – chapter 5, page 104, to understand the characterization and the situation of the play.

It’s not just about “Oh, Jesus sat there, explaining to me how the living water is, and there I am, whole again.” It’s more than that. This encounter is so powerful that changes this women life and even made her a convert and a believer to Christ. I could really imagine if the women was me, where I had like five husband, ex- husband, and a man who was currently living with me – and yet I was actively involved in church but no one really understand or even know my situation carefully.

I would feel that I lived in a double life – until someone who’s like Jesus or someone that God sent to saved me spoken to me and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are serving here in church or in another church, I know you are thirsty. You are thirsty of life, the truth meaning of life. You’ve been running away for so long. But it’s time to come back. Do you know Christ? Do you know the living water? You can have it right at this moment when you say it to your self, “Jesus, forgive me. For I am sinned, and I believe you right now, give me a new life; I want to start all over again, as I believe that You are my Lord and Savior. Amen.” – then the song of “Thank You Jesus” came and I would probably down on my knees and cried.

So that’s why I want to highlight the moment where the women try to step back because she was in shock of “how do you know I don’t have a husband, etc” – John 4:17 (NIV) but she stays there because there’s a powerful forces in her heart that makes her stay and continues her conversation with this Man/Jesus.

The setting of the play is also similar to the Bible but with modern setting, like a modern nativity play but simple – then it closes with my church theatre worship team singing “Thank You Jesus” as the background where this women still in shock and tears come down from her eyes as the light slowly fades away from the stage and highlighting the singers singing the song. I keep the story simple but meaningful for the congregation to take home with them.






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  • Burge, G. 2010, Encounters with Jesus: Chapter 5, A Woman in Samaria, Zondervan, USA –
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  • Holy Bible, New International Version, 2011, John 4:4-26, Hodder and Stoughton, UK
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  • Alkitab, Bahasa Indonesia Translation, 1974, Yohanes 4:4-26, Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia, BOGOR







  • “Thank You Jesus” written by Hillsong Live, 2013, (work is unpublished, I’m able to access this because they’ve been singing it in the service and I recorded it)


  • Raharja, V. 2012, Safe (Me) for Christmas Advent Drama, Teater Mono GKI, Indonesia
  • Bimoro, L. 2009, BACK for New Years Eve Skit, Teater Mono GKI, Indonesia


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“Encounters with Jesus”

“Encounters with Jesus”

A Short Skit for Drama Ministry

Based on John 4:4-26

Written by Vania Christy Raharja


Central Park. By 6 hours/ 12 AM

A filthy park, where’s there’s a well in the corner – known as the “Wishing Well”

It’s dark and cold

Full of dry leaves and the park bench just in the centre of the stage

Lights just representing the cold dark filthy night











Annie Marie

A middle age woman, a working woman, in her business suit – eating her last sandwich and holds a drinking water – she really had a bad day at the office and took her time off by sitting down at the park – resting her self from her hectic day at the office – she really looks tired. It’s been a really shitty day for her and basically her life. Typical work office look – with a black blazer, white top, and a skirt – hair is in a bun.

Lost Traveler Guy: Berdie / Jesus

Jesus like character – with a white gown – but he looks like a backpacker traveler that is hungry and lost – He also looks divine – There’s still a Godly Human character in him – I could use Diogo Morgado to play this (:D) – but without the beard and the long hair? Thou he will also look lost a bit and asking for food. If the person who plays this man character is black and the women is white then we can also play around within that in the line of “You are a Jew, and I’m a Samaritan women.” – John 4:9 (NIV)








Enters Annie Marie looking tired, carrying her black woman purse. She sat down on the filthy park bench.

Annie (A): (Looking at the stars)

God, if there’s You, I don’t know how to start my own life in the right way. I’ve been living in a sin for so long. Had lived with five husband and none of them has satisfy me. I’m currently living with one man but he doesn’t even know how to treat me well.

I am a whore.

I am unworthy.

Is there anyway I could still be living in your way? (Sigh, looking at her clock and she really feels cold and hungry, she looks up to her purse searching for her last food and drinking water)

I don’t know how to live anymore. (Points out to the bottle water) I am thirsty, but this drink would never satisfy my soul.

Could I ever find one man to satisfy my thirstiness? Is there any man in this world that understands and accepts me for who I am?

Hhhh.. I don’t know.

I just don’t know…

Enters a middle age man, looking funny, like a homeless, but also handsome, looks lost and hungry

Berdie: Excuse me, may I seat here?

Annie: (Looks uncomfortable because she’s by her self in the middle of the night and this guy looks a bit creepy, so she just want to be polite) Yeah.

Berdie: (Looks around her and try to observe her) Thank you. Young lady, I can see that you are really tired. Are you ok?

Annie: (Awkward situation starts kicking in)

Umm… yeah.


Do.. do.. you have any food or water? I’m thirsty. – (John 4:7, NIV)


(Not sure what to do because it’s more creepy now… but she just follow her heart to give in) Umm.. here, it’s my last one. You can take it.


You are very nice. Thank you (Take the water from Annie and drinks it until finish – no sounds only the drinking sounds – so there’s a comical moment in this)

(After the drink finish, he tries to give the bottle back to Annie)

Here, I give it to you back. Thank you.


(Why is it more creepy right now, umm can I just leave?!)

Oh, no. Thank you. You can have it.



You are really nice lady. You should be smiling.


(Tries to smile to please him – she started to feel that there’s something about this guy that makes her at peace)


See? You are beautiful.


(err…) Thank you.


Oh, sorry, I haven’t introduced my self properly. Soo.. I am on my way to the South Street and I got lost, I thought I could take a rest a bit, tries to find food / water but all the shop is closed. Thank God I found you here! What is it your name, lady? (In this case, he doesn’t reveal him self until the end of the story, same like in John 4:4-26)


(errrr….) Uhm.. Annie.


Annie! What a beautiful name eh? You seemed to be really sad. What is it going on? It’s okay, you can trust me.




(ERRR…! maybe I should leave now? But why my heart telling me to stay?! This is weird…) Nothing, just life in general.


Young lady, I think I know what you exactly need.


(Curious) You do?


Yes, if you only knew the gift God has for you and whom you are speaking to, you would ask me and I would give you living water. – (John 4:10 (NLT))


(Surprised, confused)

What do you mean? Where would I get this living water? And besides, whom are you trying to speak with me about my problems?


Don’t get me wrong, Annie. I know how hard is it living in your shoes. I understand it completely, like an old man said, drink my water and you will never be thirsty again. (“For those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh bubbling spring within them, giving them an eternal life.” – John 4:14)




Please, sir. I need this water. So I could never be thirsty again! (with full of hope) – (John 4: 15, NLT)


(Looking at her eye) Go and get your husband. – (John 4:16, NLT)


(John 4: 17, NLT) – (errr… I don’t have a husband?! Step back) I don’t have a husband.


(John 4:18, NLT) (Wise) Hmm… yup, that’s right, You don’t have a husband. The fact that you have had five husbands, and you aren’t even married to the man you’re living with now. You certainly spoke the truth!


(Shock, in tears, what is this supposed to mean? Pulling out her self politely) (John 4:19, NLT) Sir, how do you know? You must be a prophet. So tell me, why is it a person like me doesn’t belong in church? People know me that I’m a whore – they keep saying that. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been trying really hard to step out of this life. I’ve been going to all churches in the world trying to seek redemption, but all churches is the same – once they know who I am, they condemned me and banned me for going to the church ever again. I am lost. I am really really lost.




(John 4:20, NLT) (Wise) Believe me, dear woman; the time is coming when it will no longer matter whether you worship the Father on this mountain/park or in Jerusalem/the church. You seem to know very little about the one you worship, while the church / Jews know all about him, for salvation comes through the Jews. – (Mark, I’m trying to fit the lines in the modern way but it seem a bit awkward, but the point is, it doesn’t matter if we worship God in church or outside of the church, we can worship Him anywhere)

But the time is coming – indeed it’s here right now – where true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. So no matter who you are, the church that condemned you doesn’t really know who you truly are, who you are actually belong to. For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in Spirit and in Truth.

(Smiles wisely)


(John 4:25, NLT) I know Jesus is the Messiah – the one who is called Christ. I know He can heal my past and gave me a new life…. (Suddenly understand the meaning of Berdie’s living water and realize that Berdie is actually Jesus, who’s been with her the whole time, healing her heart and her past and really start to sinking in and she cries, touched by the grace of Jesus)


(Smiling, understand that she gets it – that she realize it) – (John 4:26, NLT)

Your sins are forgiven.

(Berdie/Jesus stands up, holds Annie’s hand, kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly and said, “I love you”. Annie still looks down, during I love you, Annie continues to sob more, tears of joy and freedom – Berdie walks out stage slowly in white gown and disappear to the audience – While the song of “Thank You Jesus” starts directly after Berdie hugs Annie – Annie stays on the stage sobbing in tears of joy and freedom – lights down on Annie and the lights now focus on the Singers, singing Thank You Jesus – while the audience can still hears Annie praying, and saying/mimicking/following the Singers, “Thank you Jesus, You set me free. Christ my Saviour, You rescued me.” She saying this in kneels down position as her grace and her thank you to God, to Jesus who saved her life and forgives her sins. Praying on her knees – just can’t believe what actually happened – but she believes it. She believes every word in her conversation with the man/ Jesus. Then the lights on Annie are off – and the focus now completely to the Singers – while the Singers asked the audience to stand up in the second verse and to sing along with them, praising God.)


The End

“Then Jesus told her, “I am the Messiah!” – John 4:26 (NLT)”

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.”

– John 3:16-17 (NLT)

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Meet Vania.

A former fangirl turned hospitality crew.

Dreams really do come true.


#fangirling #fangirlworld #eventscrew

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Setelah ngalemin Boyzlife kemarin, jadi semakin jelas to whom I love the most in Westlife and One D, haha.

Soo Shane might be my first love but I always have a deep fond of love of BMF’s music and his musicians skills. So yeah in a fangirling world he’s like my boyfriend – and Harry styles is like my husband lol.

I didn’t know what to pick before if they asked me whos your fav member of both bands but now I know.

And funny enough, both of them are talented musicians like true artist and I could never forget the fact that Brian sang Signs of the Times for me.


#😍 #fangirlingworld #lol #❤️ #behindthescenestory

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God’s work is amazing upon me. I’m so greatful and thankful for what just happened in my life right now.

I came home from work as a hospitality team for Boyzlife. And I was worrying about how can I take back all those stuff that I have on the car with my self without trolley? I brought a lot of stuff to Sultan the other day to create a production office.

I planned on calling my bf to helped me on Thursday but my heart says that it’s not a good idea.

I also didn’t really had the time to sit down and eat a proper meal and was planning to spend my money on a good ramen at IPPUDO after I slept in.

I slept in and woke up at 6PM and I went down for food and planning to eat first then take all my stuff after the food.

When I came down to B1 (I normally took GF floor but this time my heart says B1, cuz its closer) I saw this parking spot just in front of the B1 lobby door and I felt the love and presence of God like He’s saying “Here’s a parking spot for you near the door from Me.” Then I immediatley park there and was so afraid that the parking spot is taken (it was hard to find good parking spot in the apt) /

Then God shows that he’s took care of me when I was in IPPUDO.

I had to wait for the queue, and I told the waitress about can I order so that I can received the food fast? The waitress said that I can’t but the chef immediately hooked me up and helped me in ordering the food and made me feel welcomed in the restaurant.

When I took my first sip of the ramen, I was like “Omg, omg.” It was the best ramen ever. Because we didnt have time to eat and have a proper meal / breakfast when I assist the boys the other day for 3 nights. Like puasa. Haha.

I feel like this is God’s works too in saying ‘I got your back’ ‘I’ll take care of you.’

Just like when He says to me when He annointed me the other day at church, He says “I will always be there for you.”


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