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‘Letters to Varry’

I’m currently in a process of writing and doing my research for my book called ‘Letters to Varry’ in which Harry replied to all the letters that I wrote to him at the first book, Letters to Harry.

Its a sequel from the first book (currently under editing process) – on this writing and researching process, I have to study Harry’s speech patterns, interviews, behaviour, subtext, and try to be him / hows he sounds like/ what’s he thinking and writing mannerisms like –

Like the ‘ROCKSTARS’ acting exercise but this one is in writing. I tried to write one letter in his voice / ways and somehow I can imagined him talking to me with this voice ?

I was also about to sleep when I remember that I have to notified my caterer on whatsapp when I saw this letter – that is for a fan from Harry – in which will help me making this book easier because now I can analyzed this letter. Thank you for sharing this. / my aim for this book is to have all his fans reading them and feel as if Harry’s replying/speaking to them with his voice. 😊❤

I hope he approves ! 😂

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