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If fangirling is a paid job, I’ll be rich by now. 🤣

Fangirl Circa 1998 – 2017 (and continue…)


#lifeasafangirl #pathdaily – with Ivy

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Tiket VVIP Diamond itu kayak tiket One Direction Soundcheck package wktu di Sydney.

Waktu di sydney itu dapet kesempatan masuk liat mereka soundcheck, trus dapet makan buffet, klo yang ini selain soundcheck sama dinner dapet meet and greet juga kayaknya..

Seru nihh ! ❤️👏😊

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When God Entrusted You….

God trust me to be the LO.

So that I can bless others, the artist through what He trust in me. I would never forget the days where Shane Filan said that he likes me as a person, and Graham said that I am a nice girl and also asked me to smooch and hugged him twice. #ThankYouJesus !

I’m happy that i could be the change, even a little bit, and have impact for these artist. and I do hope they see Jesus in me and impacted their life. #reasonwhyimafangirl #LO #crew #ThankYOUJESUS ❤ — next stop — B and Harry Styles! Just like what Louie Azzi said, “Everybody needs a Vania in their life.!” 😀 ❤

For Harry Styles tho, I feel like I knew him personally what he’s like and I feel like he needed a deep hug from me and just let him know that it is okay. I love him as a person not an idol or an object. and I do hope that we will meet one day and I got to work alongside him and chatted to him nicely as we talked about poetry and all.

“Being kind is not enough until you give Jesus / Salvation out to people who receives it.” – VnZ Qoutes