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16/3/17 – Ketemu Shane.

15:46 tim berpisah ke post msg2 bagi tugas dan standby 
16.25 – they come in front of hokben and walk in. 
I talked to them and calling ‘Azri!’ Twice. 
Sambil Liam cari gate lol. 
Trus abis itu langsung nanya, soo are you excited going back? 
Trus shane jawab! Yeah! I’m excited to see Gillian and the kids! 

How it happened: 
Ooya pertama kali gw liat Liam dipojok trus gw samperin aja.. gw blg hi koh! Ktmu LOnya, trus lsg Hi Liam! Hi shane! How are you? Oh, this is for you! (Depan shane) sambil shanenya bingung smpe stop gtu 😂 trus shane nanya, itu apaan, liam angkat tinggi2 “oh! This is good stuff. She gave me the other day. In Manado. Its good for your health, fever and all” (boo tolak anginnn 😂) trus shane cuman oh yeah? Cool man! Trus gw blg, “yes!, you can take it from Liam too” trus abis itu shane dr yg bingung knp ga gw kasih jd ga bgung lagi 😂 // sbnrnya gw kasih coolant buat shane juga, tapi krn kta bagi tim, jdnya coolantnya udh sama @Putri 😂 // anywayss. It was good to meet them 😊
sblmnya liam nanyain “did you attend last night?” Trs gw blg yes i do! You guys are great! Trus shane nyela “Haha I saw you singing last night” // my heart drop gw langsung kya “haha iyaa abisnya ga ad yg tau me and the moon , yauda gw nyanyi ajaahh 😂 that was great! Thanks man! ” trus kita ngbrol2 deket bgt 😂 // anywayss udh kaya temen deket aja 😂 // trs gw tanya how are you? are you excited going back? Trus dia blg yes! I missed Gillian and my four kids! Trus shane lagi asik ngbrol sama gw, si Liam interupt, ok wheres the gate, ok that way, we have to hurry. Trus ngbrol2 sama shane, hope you have a safe flight! Jeda dikit, trs gw blg “actually, can I have a photo with you?” He said yes, sure ! Trus selfie, sambil gw blg “sorry liam!” Dua kali haha. Liam diemin aja, trus pas udahan, (2x) selfie, staff sapphirenya juga minta foto which is liam yang fotoin. Trus udah dadahan. Si liam tambah ganteng soalnya abis shaving 😍😍😍😍😍 // thats how it happened 😂💖🦋 – trs gw lari ke azri kasih tau shane udah di dlm 😂 
16/3/2017 – 16:45 PM 


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