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Women and Budgeting

It began with a shopping list.

I walked around my apartment and see what hygiene products were currently run out and needed of a replacement.

and what items that I need to buy that I couldn’t buy previously because I was on a tight budget.

Because now I have money. Not to brag, but having money more than you need after living on a tight budget its a luxury plus its also a trap.

It’s a trap because now you are thinking ‘Oh, now I can spend them on whatever I want, or longing so far.’

and it’s also an illusion – you are playing that mind trick of having loads of money more than you need and you think that you are somekind of rich gal but you don’t know when is your next income will be because you were just forcedfully resigned by your previous company despite of how hard and diligent you work.


So yeah, there’s an urge in me of doing something. But I don’t want to do it. Even tho, I made the list.

the list to go and buy these lists at the nearest supermarket nearby my apartment.

There’s also a sense of ‘I don’t want to go because I might have lose all that hard earned money I got from assisting artist for the past weeks.’ but if I didn’t go, there’s nothing to do.

As in, I would just stay in the apartment, watching movies and all, and not spent my money at all.

But there’s also a sense of – I need to go because I need this soap, that facial cream, that tissue, and so on.

So there I go.

My plan was go to the supermarket, get that jumpsuit, and go home.

But no, I was stuck in the supermarket, contempleting between things that I wanted to buy or need to buy and so on.

I was there for HOURS.

I’m not gonna lie, I loved it there.

Putting things inside my shopping cart without thinking how much it cost and so on –

Restocking my rare conditioners inside that shopping cart – etc

Then there’s this time that I need to go to the cashier to pay for everything.

I realized that I took so much.

More than I need.

It’s making me realize how important planning and budgeting is – if you go to the supermarket.

Especially the big ones – where you can shop everything under one roof.

So I found a neck pillow – it was discounted and I’ve been longing for this pillow for quite sometimes.

Then I also found a mop/broom that I could use to clean up my apartment.

The rest was just tissues, fruits, soaps, etc.

It cost me like almost 90% of my paycheck.

I was confused.

Have you had that moment when you don’t want to buy but you know you need them and it can help you have that better life?

Yeah, that moment.

I had that – so I thought – Whatever, it’s my money – I can do whatever I want with it.

So yeah, there it was –

Me, no budgeting, and uncategorized money = REGRETS —


I woke up the next day – regretting everything – even though I know I’ll use them and it’s not a waste of money – but still – I can do so much more than just buying toiletries stuff for my personal hygiene.

Even tho it’s restocking – but still, I can gained so much more if I invested that money somewhere else and only buy the things that I need.

Anyways, women and budgeting. It’s good until you gave up and just don’t care about how much you spent at all.

Till you wake up the next day.


Happy International Womens day everyone !

Please don’t be like me when it comes to your money and always stay on your budget !














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