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Thank you Jesus for today.

I am seriously blessed, privildge, and greatful for today.

I have been working hard lately for this aquarium opening, so many things to do at so little time. I didn’t get a break or a day off.

And today is a national day off. Which is good, I got to have a day off.

But, For me it’s a day to sleep in and take my time slowly before I go back and have a casual work meeting with my director. Do my paperwork, taking care things with the show, backstage and all.

I wish to God today, that even tho I’m working (casually) I could get something to cheer me up, make me happy, and not lonely.

Today, I wish for:

1) A friend to visit me and we could chat and laugh about

2) My parents visited me, helped me to get that black cuffed chino and black top tshirt from cotton on that I’ve been wanting so hard because I need them for my work (Black is literary my life dress code if u work in production area 😂), and have a nice time like a family dinner at my fav restaurant because I missed them and I can’t go back home because I have work to do

3) Rewarding my self with a nice hot choco from Starbucks while working and do my paperwork

4) Actually do my house work that I’ve been left behind because my headspace wasn’t there.

You know what God did to me from my wishes? He knows that I’ve been working hard and I am in awe of what God did to me today to reward me:

1) He uses my EO friend. My friend contacted me for a rsvp at Pingoo resto for him and his girlfriend like it was so random. I got to chat, laughed, helped him, and meet up with his girlfriend. He got to know me more at my job / work space. And i got a little something from him from my fave artist. 🎉 yayy!

2) My dad called me in- I wasnt sure if my parents coming in today even tho I asked them to come but Dad just called me randomly. He said ” We are going there after 7PM yah, you have to go straight to Cotton On, and we’ll have dinner. okay?’ i said yes.


He went grocery shopping for me. He bought me food, my fav breakfast cereals, and fruits! That i’ve been dying to buy for my stamina but didnt got time to go to the store to buy it. He even brought me clean clothes from Bogor and asked me if I wanted to bring my dirty clothes back home to be washed at Bogor and I said no need, I already sent them to the laundry.

It was really nice that I got to spent 2-3 hours with them today and got new clothes plus good food takeaway for tomorrow !

3) I went to Starbucks, expecting that I will pay $10 for my Hot Choco Venti – I said to my self “It’s okay, even tho it’s my last money before my office reimburse my money – I deserved this. I worked hard, and its time to reward my self. So I went there, I ordered One hot choco venti, and one cinnamon roll because I didnt eat much during lunch. The cashier asked me if I have my starbucks card, and I said yes. She said, ok! It’ll be a 50% disc today! Im like whooaaaa – so I paid just under 50K for my Hot Choco Venti + a cinnamon roll. Normally this would cost like 100k above.

4) Even tho I’m working today and didn’t get a proper lazy day off, I’m still greatful that I got to enjoy today casually, with my friends that randomly visited me, and my parents! Plus New clothing from work and nice dins dins !!


I hope today, God did something / blesses you even though its just a little thing. This post is not about bragging material things that I got from Him, but its about bragging how much God sees, understands, and guide and granted you to everything that you wished for in your heart because you have done His job right, because you are His sons/daughters, because He Loves You SOOO MUCH.

I am still amazed just by how little things from yesterday and today and everyday in my life that He shows me constantly how much He loves me.

And You too.

I’m bragging about His love, His mercies, His grace, and His everything that He could do the thing that you think it’s impossible to possible.

I hope this post can cheer you up! Because life is a lesson to learnt and take on a journey!

Love you and God loves you.


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