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Today. Is the start of my new season. God is soo good to me! I’m waiting with an expectant heart to what He has planned for me.

#ThankYouJesus #JesusTakeTheWheel ❤ #StylesTheatreandCo . #EO #LO #SM #TheatreArtist #Writer

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Smlm gw blg sama Tuhan, God klo emang bener si HOD gw in yang culprit di balik gw harus keluar, dibalik masa depan yang settle buat gw adalah dia, pasti dia bales kata2 gue yang

‘Sama2. I hope you are happy now 🙂 ‘

Dengan emoji senyum.

Karena gw yakin, he’s not happy ketika ada yang dia rasa nge overstep his authority, pdahl mah biasa aja kali bossss… yg gw kerjain kan ttp dalam range stage manager juga. LOL. Unless lu ga tau what a stage manager do 😂

Besok paginya, dia bales dengan emoji senyum.


I represent you, the man who has crushed my future at JAI just before my show that I have been worked really hard for the past 4 months!



Today, I start the day with brand new chapter as I go on into the next session that God has prepared for me.


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Gw ga resign, tapi gw dipaksa untuk resign. Dikejer2 sama atasan gw kaya debt kolektor, ‘udah kasih surat resign blm’ ‘kapan mau handover’ ‘udah ketemu HR?’ Like DUDE, LEAVE ME ALONE. Gila ni bos yah, takut ilang kerjaannya dia krn emang dia gak kompeten sbgai Head of Department, depak gue dgn cara menginfluensi Owner dgn false information. Jelas2 dia tau how hard I work, dan parahnya lagi dia ngetrick gue buat dtg meeting HOD yg dia sendiri ga tau jam brpanya dan meeting apanya. Gilaaaaaa.

Klo secara duniawi, gw kesel, ngamuk parah. Dunia / masa depan gw ancur gra2 dia.

Gw udah kerja keras bgt2 sampe sakit, trus di pin poin kesalah2an gw, gw nolongin ni kompeni sma skli ga dihargain. Gw all out buat nolongin ni kompeni buka, langsung di keluarin cmn gara2 kesalahan2 yang mereka salah ngerti/negatif thinking. Gila banget.

Klo secara spiritual, gw tau Tuhan ga buta. Gw tau, Dia ijinin ini kejadian krn my best is yet to come.

Dan gw selalu percaya itu.


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Pas tadi aja di Kantor HR, gw minta di pecat aja, krn emang gw ga ada masalah sama mereka tapi mereka yang masalah sama gw. Disuruh nulisnya resign / mengundurkan diri. Padahal gw mah ga mau, ngapain resign, i really enjoyed working there.

Walu pusing dsbnya, tapi its my passion.



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Listening to Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

My mood currently.

Still can’t believe it tho. It feels unreal, like I know that this job for me that God wants me here. But I can choose to be angry, i can choose to be mad / sue them that they fired me but they forced me to resigned.

While I was just okay in there but my head of department feels threathened, then he make sure I go.

Now, staying in this apartment that I specifically move for this job, it feels like empty – like its without purpose.



Listening to Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

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Sooo. Today, ends my journey as (A/SM1) at Jakarta Aquarium.

Don’t get me wrong. I really love this job so much. I worked hard, really hard till I get sick but I didn’t care.

But loving your job isn’t enough if you are working in a corporate space.

People will make efforts to hunt you down, making sure you are out, whenever they feel threatened.

Unfortunately, in this world that we are living in, there are people who do everything in their power to make sure you go so that they don’t feel threatned.

Tho its actually how they think.

If they’re positive people, they would ask immediately if they don’t understand. But if they’re negative people, they’ll think negatively and so on.

So yeah, today is my last day in JAI as Stage Manager / Asst Stage Manager.

I don’t want this, I don’t like this, I love what I do so much and the people who I worked with.

But because my boss felt threatened by how good I am, then he make sure that I go while I actually have the right to stay for another month.

The HR even made me write a resignation letter while I don’t even actually want to be out from there.

Anyways, God has better plan for me, and I know He’s already writing it down for me.

#ThankYouJesus ❤

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Trick or Treat

It’s been a while since I last wrote this blog.

It’s been tricky that I love to write but I don’t like to read.

It’s also been a chapter or season in my life that is now closed.

I’ve met some fantastic people there.

I love doing it soo much that I gave it all – that I gave everything till I was just falling apart and drained out.

It’s also so weird that two nights before I was just saying things to God

‘God, I love this job. But I’m also drained out. I can’t work like this anymore. There’s a lot toxic people there now. I’ve did it all. I tried to deal with everything that I feel it’s still under the umbrella of me as a stage manager. I’ve put it all until it becomes too much.

I moved to my current apartment now because of this job. I love where I’m staying now actually.

I’m sorry that if You feel that I wasn’t thankful. But now, I can’t process anything.’

The company that I love working, that they’re saying loyalty, that they’re saying its not about itung2an, and somehow now we all have to follow specific procedures, and etc.

I got terminated, but they don’t want to fired me.

I got forcefully to resign and give them my resignation letter but turns out they already continue to want me out just before the show starts to roll on.

I went in today and it seems everything is okay.

Without me.

It was so bizarre that the night before I was saying the exact same words – and now it’s happening in front of me.

I am really tired, exhausted, drained. and I need a break.

I think God sees that.

Physically / mentally, I’m not okay for this.

I love my job, I love doing what I do – as a stage manager – and I didn’t get a chance to learn ! It’s ridiculous !

Everything about this it’s just silly.

Now, I don’t know what to do with my self anymore.

I know,


I should live in a cave.

In solitude.

Where I create my own world.

Without interruptions or trying to fit in for other people.

Why should I change my self while everybody its just caring of what their own problems. ??

or their own trick?