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Still having the grudges sound but because I rested well last night, I think my body is fit, however I need to do the at home nebulizer to cool down the spasms. So it doesn’t close my airways again.

I think I found the formula of dealing with the early ashtma symptoms.

1) Know it before it runs you out.

Like if you start wheezing, keringet dingin, and all – drink hot green tea immediately, get your Ventolin meds and take a deep breath – don’t let it grow to worse

2) Know what to do if it’s still wheezing bad

This means you need to go for nebulizer to cool the spasms down immediately. And still drinking hot tea and plenty of water so that your spasms is flushed out from your body through your urine

3) Know it when you need oxygen plus nebulizer plus injection from the doctor

If all prevented items no 1 and 2 doesn’t work and you were starting to feel like trembling, lose of breath, shortness, fast heart rate, cold sweats, then you need to go to the ER and see doctor. Your body will tell you if you can make it or not.

And Never ever drive by yourself because if its worsen you’ll lose conscious.

To avoid the symptomps coming back:

1) avoid all the alergies that caused your ashtma back

2) Eat healthy (no msg or junkfood)

3) Exercise (If you are overweight, you need to lose weight)

4) Drink loads of Vitamin C (Sustained Release), Propolis, Zinc, Omega 3 Fatty Acid everyday so that your synptomps doesnt come back

5) Rest. Know when to stop.

If you have ashtma like me, Hopefully this tips helps 😊❤

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