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Ternyata ngatur uang / budgeting itu gampang yah.. once kita tau pos2nya apa2 aja, trus set goals yang realistis yang mau dicapai apa aja, sama batesan kita apa aja, jd ga boros klo ngeliat sesuatu / mikir dua kali klo liat sesuatu yg menurut kita butuh tapi sbnrnya dirumah itu masih ada dan once we know limitsnya apa – jd bsa lebih teratur. Hihi. I like this new me.

#financialbudgeting #LETSMOVEFORWARD #YESS #thankyou #đŸ¥‡

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Jesus. #TreatPeopleWithKindness Head of Hospitality @FullColorParty Loves to Write I love concerts, and everything about music Loves to assist and help others I am always prepared for everything Loves to travel but I can't travel light - I've tried tho! :D Feel Free to chat me about things! I'm struggling with anxiety / dark thoughts / brain noise (as Chris Evans might said it :P) - sometimes :)

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