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Yayy!! I finally able to blow a small birthday candle and got ma chocolate mud cake + amazing free food from Holycow! With My BFF ! Hihi! Turns out I didn’t celebrate my birthday alone 😋

Thank you BFF for the dins dins treat and catch ups !!


Bday Reflections:

I think one of the best highlights from today was when a stranger from your office building says a Happy birthday to you and congratulate you.

His name is Pak Lala, I didn’t knew him but when I was waiting for my coworker, he came up to me and say “Happy Birthday neng!” And I asked him how did you know? Bapak baca di group yah? And he said haha no.. Saya tadi lagi baca daftar fingerprint system, trus ada nama neng, hari ini neng ultah kan? Selamat ya..” “wah iya, makasih pak.. bapak namanya siapa? Bpk dr jakarta aquarium juga?” “Saya Pak Lala neng, haha bukan dr Jak Aquarium, saya jaga disini aja.” “Oh, bapak dr Waty Tjakra ya? Office buildingnya?” “Iya neng.” “Ohh whaa makasih ya pak.” “Iya neng, semoga tambah tinggi karirnya!”

And after that, I was just in awe and about to cry of how a stranger that you barely know just come up to you and say a happy birthday on your day! It’s like God is saying a happy birthday to me. So Good!!

It’s like I’m having that Godly interfere moment. 😋😊

The second best highlight was when I got home. I opened up my newly washed clothes from Bogor and found an envelope from my dad. I opened it, and I know its angpao from my dad just from the touch of it. I read his letter and I just burst into tears. My dad is amazing.

I’m in awe of what God has prepared for me for my day to be amazing today. I never smiled so happily like today. It’s like there’s meaning to it. It’s like He gave me the greatest gift of all.

Friendship, new family, strangers turn into a friend, a well good achievement, my big boss compliment me for having a nice voice over voice ! 😃, celebrated my bday with my BFF (and not alone 😂), and got nice new qoutes about God takes control over my life.!!

Thank you Jesus for everything! I love you so much! x

Thank you everyone for all my birthday wishes! You are amazing and I will keep them closely at heart!

#THANKYOUJESUS❤️ #THANKYOUFORTODAYMYLOVELIES #JesusDaughter #BLESSED🙏 #27 #bdaypost #vnzqoutes #varrystyles #thebestisyettocome 🌹❤️😊

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