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I dont know what happened but me and d are suddenly talking about having kids. Lol. Out of nowhere 😂

How our first baby will be a daughter and how we will name her ‘Nadya Christi Styles’

And the word Nadya just came out from him. And how I want to change the family surename to Styles 😂

And if my daughter asked what happen or why she is named after Harry Styles surename and who’s her daddy i would say

‘Well, Papa D is your biological father, and Papa Styles is your creative father.’


#random #justathought – with Dedy

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Jesus. #TreatPeopleWithKindness Head of Hospitality @FullColorParty Loves to Write I love concerts, and everything about music Loves to assist and help others I am always prepared for everything Loves to travel but I can't travel light - I've tried tho! :D Feel Free to chat me about things! I'm struggling with anxiety / dark thoughts / brain noise (as Chris Evans might said it :P) - sometimes :)

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