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Baru kali ini gue mau pelayanan drama di reject audisinya karena gue belom lulus kelas2 dari gereja tersebut. Dan I was devastated. It hurts.

Rasanya tuh kaya lu mau pelayanan, lu udah yakin mau give it all you got – like your skills, talents, time, ministry to the church, but then they reject you because you are not yet mendarah daging / jadi anggota mereka or lulus semua kelas2 yang mereka adakan. Dan mereka bilang itu adalah standarisasi dari gereja mereka.

Katanya gw baru bisa join setelah gue lulus semua kelas – kelas mereka.

I’m like wow. Very exclusive ya. Dulu waktu di Hillsong, gue join team night dan gue dikenalin sama salah satu orang kordinatornya team night and gue langsung bisa join mereka tanpa harus join kelas2 dulu. I feel straight at home.

Jujur, tadi gue nangis depan panel audisi mereka. Gue ga mau nangis tapi ntah kenapa gue nangis. And lost for words. Maybe it’s because I missed serving Him. I missed serving Him in Drama Ministry. And it meant so much for me. It took me a while to find a church di Jakarta yang can help me grow in Him, and I choose that church because of its relations with Hillsong, but no.

Turns out every church has their own culture.

This one turns out to be very exclusive.

And it really hurts. I hope God wakes them up one day and make them realize what they have done wrong.

#amen. #curhatsorehari #sorrynotsorry #maybeitsnotmyjourney

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