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I’m still amazed and in awe how God do wonders over my life.

He turned this kid who were used to be afraid by calling cues for the show as a stage manager and trying hard to avoid that duty calls in college and here I am now, about to face my third time being SM.

I still remember the first time, it was with Teater Mono; inside the Church, calling the cues for the headset mics – when to turn it on and off so it doesnt leak. I was terrified, but I know God will help me through it and the show was a success.

The second time was with Salihara, inside the black box. I remember I was extremely terrified because it was more public tho the space its not that big but it was with Salihara and a lot of big names. I remember how I contact my Stage Management lecture and asked her for tips etc and yet He still trusted me to lead and stage managing the show. The show runs well and I was glad that I did that.

Now, I’m about to face my third time as SM/Acting advisor with much bigger space in Taman Ismail Marzuki with larger audience than my first and the second time, big responsibility. Plus it was all last minute, like they’ve been to a 8 months period of rehearsal and they asked my help a month before their last rehearsal. This time they’ll be using clip on mics and that mic cues is very tricky.
I knew when I flew back to Indonesia, He has a purpose for me. Now I realize why He needs me here, in my country for its arts and for His glory. I feel like I’m not qualified for this job but He qualifies me.

I still remember a qoute from Christine Caine,

“God doesnt call the qualified. He qualifies the call.”

And I realized that now I’m living it.

It’s the most humble feeling ever.
#ThankYouJesus #inawe #Istillcantbelieveit #testimony #theresnofearinJesus #selah #middaybaby

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