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I’m writing this memories / experience down so I can remember good memories for a throwback 😁
The highlight of my meeting with Ps. Reuben Morgan in CCAtmosphereConf 2016 is when:

1) Remembers me after a 2 mins shakehands and saying ‘hi Reuben, good to see you!’
2) asking me ‘so do you live now?’ (I assumed he read my insta post that I tag him on + have rich langton liked it)
3) Asking me ‘Where do you go to church now?’ (Aaaaaaa!) and I said, JPCC / and he’s like a-ha/: like know what church it is and it’s part of Hillsong Network too, and I said I missed home church so much then he just asked ‘do you live here now’
4) We talked about my plan to go to London and I was asking him how is Hillsong there? And he’s laughing and smiling,… And then he said ‘Oh, u gonna love London!’
5) then I said well its good to see you again and I miss everyone back home. Hope to see you again, and i offered him hug gesture and then we hugged !

Yays !

And in that moment, I feel that I am part of Hillsong Church member and that is my home church, I grew so much there as a Christian, so many beautiful memories.

The conversation that I had with Ps.Reuben M, is just like any conversations that I had with my pastor, as the member of a congregation. Which is wonderful. You can feel that He’s so annointed and like God is speaking to him when he’s speaking to me.

And the next hightlight in that conference is when we all sing together as one congregation and that he’s there too with his kids.

So good! Like that feeling of that you are part of it? amazing!

Also when he looked to my section where I was sitting down and jotted everything that he said on stage like he knows that I’m writing it down, and said ‘You can write it, everywhere you like. Write this down….’ Then he said his line.

So good and I’m super blessed by the event and the meet ups.

I learned a lot from it and its like God sent him to give me clarity to where I should go and answers all my questions that I’ve been asking God for the past 3 months.

#HeAlwaysDoThat #Yass

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