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Recently, I joined a church in Jakarta, JPCC (Jakarta Praise Church Centre) – I don’t really know the correct abbreviation for that. That week, they talked about Generosity – where it divides into 3 terms.



Kindness / Effort.

So turns out generosity is not just giving money but actually do something  / invest something to others.

In there they talked about how a church volunteer giving their time generously to the church in order to serve the parishes in the church to have a smooth congregation or that time where we give our friend the time and effort to just be there for them or that time where we chip in or buy our friend or even our cats / pets the money to buy their food or pay for their drinks / food.

Things like that.

That made me think and reflect on how I spent my generosity towards others, towards my friends, my colleague, my cat, or to the strangers that I met on the street or the elevator.

Then the next week after the church session, I joined a “Date” group from the church, my cousin P took me in – and there we talked about the church theme this week “Generosity” or “Living Generously” – every body start to share their own stories and what are they still need to improve like which part of their life/ their generosity life that need to be fix or lacking off and need to improve. Is it Time, Money, or Kindness/Effort?

Most of them choose time, like how they’re lacking time to spend with their family, or their friends, or even how they choose to spend time with their friends based on priorities – where we believe we should done it without priorities but investing ourself to everyone we met and needed or long time not having contact.

It was really inspiring on how they choose time or kindness and only few of them choose money.

I guess we all always believe that Generosity comes with Money or giving money to others  and that has been the terms that we live in on our lives. Right?

According to this week session at the church and the Bible – Living generously it doesn’t have to come up with the terms of giving money – but more towards like how do you invest or give your time to others? how do you act and give your self an effort towards helping others?

I took that question into my reflections and lately I’ve been thinking on how I spent time with my friends, giving it my all – my time, effort, and money, but at the end I found out that they are there just to use me or taking advantage of me – which is a bummer –

But I won’t give up on living generously, because God, Himself is already generous with us.

The thing that the preach says that makes me in awe and took it to heart is this:

“We don’t deserve God’s love but yet He still love us. He gave His only Son to pay for our sins.”

Mind blowing!

That means God is investing Himself with us. IN US.

We are humans, with our flaws, imperfection, created by Him – (if you don’t believe God exist or created you, please watch God’s Not Dead 2 ;)) – back to this –

and We made so many mistakes over our lives, that hurt him the most or made Him angry and yet God still love us, He still gives us Oxygen to live in, He still give us food to eat and supply our body, He still gives us everything that we need.

AND most importantly,





How amazing is that?

If you feel that God doesn’t love you – don’t listen to it –

He loves you SOOOO MUCH !

Now, I write this blog is not to preach you, my lovely readers, but to share with you my experience and what I had been through this past months and couple weeks.

Just now, like this simplest and small thing happened and it does take the example of living Generously and it inspires me to write this post.

So I went down from my apartment unit for lunch and I went back  – I met this guy, who generously waited and hold the door for me so I don’t have to take out my unit card in order to open the door access to the lift.

there I said Thank You!

and it turns out we are on the lift together. We didn’t talked much, we just waited till our floor comes up, then my floor come up.

In my head, I was thinking should i say something to this guy? or just ignore him.

but I choose to say  “Hope you have a good day!” and I left the elevator.

He smiled. Big. then He said “You too!”

That made me think, wow I just made someone smile. and made me think, wow I just generously giving a simple greeting to strangers and made him smile big.

And that made my day.

Simple things like that.

Inspires me.

Like it made me happy.

So there you go!

How do you want to live your life ?

If you feel sad and down, maybe you should start saying hi and greet strangers? or start investing your time, effort, or money or whatever you choose generously.

Hope you have fun in trying it!

God bless !! xx


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