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I am so tired and so done with my asthma, family was busy with their own thing, drove my self to the ER (thank God i didnt hit anything) and I just spent 3 hours in the ER room alongside with someone who just got heartache and died.

I was in tears because no matter how hard I try to be healthy, there’s this environmental thing that affects my allergies or whatever it is.

It was so hard to breathe, I was weak, was given the nebu meds like twice and I still couldn’t breathe.

The thought of like I’m so done with it and so done with fighting for it and felt that my late grandma was there with me, made me cry and I was losing it.

Like I gave up breathing and so done trying to.

And in that moment, after calling my bf that he has to come to visit me like now, I said to Jesus that I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for giving up and I’m sorry for swearing and angry this morning due to lack of sleep, yes i cant also sleep – for no apparent reason. —

And Suddenly there’s this new chill fresh air blows through my tongue and My air lungs was suddenly open and I was able to breathe normally again.

Then in that moment I thought, okay, Jesus doesn’t want me to die today there’s still missions ahead that He needs me to complete.

I guess I can say, I just survived from a critical moment in my life and I’m grateful for it.

#ThankYouJesus #YouSavedMe

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Jesus. #TreatPeopleWithKindness Head of Hospitality @FullColorParty Loves to Write I love concerts, and everything about music Loves to assist and help others I am always prepared for everything Loves to travel but I can't travel light - I've tried tho! :D Feel Free to chat me about things! I'm struggling with anxiety / dark thoughts / brain noise (as Chris Evans might said it :P) - sometimes :)

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