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// The Curious Case of Life by VarRy. //

– Page 1.

(Read this in British Accent)


‘Admitted that you are sad, that you made those mistakes.’

‘Say yes to those feelings and never pity your self.’


‘You have to, you have to do it.’

‘I.. I… Rhmmm ‘

‘Okay, i am sad. I made those mistakes, so what?’

‘Now, think about it.’

Begins to cry.

‘I think i’m gonna need my counselor now.’

– picks up her phone and text her friend.

Phone screen:

‘I can’t believe I have to ask you for this, but how much is your consultation fee?’

‘I need a help and its gonna be a long story’

-friend typing…..

– she started to admit her problems and face the reality in front of her. She has been kept it for secrets and to her self trying to figure out what went wrong with her decisions.

When she finally realized, she needed help, she texted her friend and tears start to shed.

All those images of wrong decisions and hard feelings came through. And when she knew she couldn’t afford her friend service, her tears stopped and she just simply replied.

‘It’s okay. I am better now.’


‘I am now into something that i never thought I would be into that. Can you imagine ??’

Friend replied,”Haha i know, it meant to happen that way. I predicted it!’

And just then, she begins to smile again. A long time smile that has been overdue for so long because she denies her own feelings.

Denies her reality and how the evil forces were trying to stop her from trying, trying to move forward. But when she finally admitted that she is hurt, she then finally able to face the reality that she’s been trying to escape, trying to hide.

She didn’t actually talked to a councelor, but when she finally able to admit she needed one, just the thought of that, that she finally accepts everything that she denies for, she has found her peace. ” //

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