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True that! People learned and change on its own pace and race.

You can’t forced it nor think that they are stupid or doesn’t have a heart to listen or to change.

Again, it depends on how you see it. If you had enough and are blinded by anger or something else, you won’t see the bright side; That people is evolving and keep changing each and everyday.

But if you are willing to see deep, understand people differences and their own pace and their own struggles and race, they won’t judged nor they won’t felt furious or depth by anger.

The question is, which side are you on?

When you see people, when you see your own mates, struggling with bad attitude that is for you changeable but you have to constantly remind them because its been a pattern in their lives and thats their lackness or vurnelable sides, will you stay with them or grow tired of them?

I believe, if you are their true mates, and you want to grow with them together, you will be there for them because you love them and you understand their struggles.

There is love inside the friendship.

Love can sustains everything.

Again, it depends on how you see it.

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Post ini agak panjang,,,

“in the midst of constant fear that I’m living now, i am reminded that He who give me strength and understand me will overcome and help me faced my fears.”

Coming home last night after my work, feeling tired and everything, I have to face a threat from one of my mates, threatening me that if I don’t finish the problems that I have with my assistant, (they are good mates), he will ruined my life or my career. I don’t know what else to say other than keeping my silence and saying that no matter how i tried to say or defend my self, I’ll always be the one that wronged in their eyes.

Yes, I am not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. I have my flaws that I have to fix and struggles that not everybody knows that I am racing and constantly learnt from it.

God built me as an Individual whom used to be alone or never have a friends cliques or a genk in my school days and I’ve survived from it. And yet, He challenged me to be a flexible individual who can also work with a team and blends with them. He put my passion in the field that requires team work and challenging me to be the best that I can be, following the flow of the team work and learning to listen.

But sometimes, not everybody understands my struggles, not everybody understands why I did what I did, and another struggle that I have to face is how to communicate gently (as per culture) in Indonesia, with my team.

From the outside, people may see me as a rich kid whom loved by her parents, or a happy kid who wants to constantly help others but never know that she’s being used. Or a selfish kid whom just constantly not aware of others and can’t blend with others. But from the inside, I never tell what my real struggles are. Unless, these people are willing to guide me or to understand me, or to see me as one unique creations from Him and not see me as a person that can’t changed.

This fear, that this guy put on me just because I had to do whats right with the job that I am in, and work professionally, has consumed me until I saw this photo on Instagram by Ps.Bobbie Houston.

‘the Lord is your strength.’
‘do not fear.’

I barely open my insta feed but tonight I was just randomly open them and scrolling through and found this, and I’m immediately started crying, because His never ending love and grace beats that fear , and no matter what social awkwardness or conflict that I have to face in my future to shape me up and become more a better person of me, I am ready, because He is on my side.

”Never fear. I’m here for you.’
“My love thriumphs fear.”


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“Sejenak ku berfikir bagaimana waktu menyisir kehidupan ini
Bagaimana langit yang biru seakan akan berbentuk bulat dan seperti bola kristal yang tahu akan apa yang terjadi secara kasat mata di temani oleh segerombolan anak kelelawar yang terbang kesana kemari mencari induknya.

Ku berfikir sejenak, di tengah kemacetan di jakarta kota ini, masih ada kah sosok hati nurani yang tulus membantu tanpa pamrih maupun disuruh?

Seketika aku merenung…

Mataku dan imaginasiku melayang tinggi seakan akan aku terbang dan larut di dalamnya

Didalam suatu perjalanan hidup yang sekarang ini sedang ku tempuh dan bagaimana rencanaNya indah dan masih banyak Hal yang Ingin Ia tunjukan padaku, masih banyak hal yang ingin Ia berikan padaku

Riak air kolam renang kurasakan dan tanpa kusadari, aku tenggelam dalam larutan air mataku, bukan karena sedih, namun perasaan bersyukur mencuat dan kutemukan diriku, wajahku, secara pelan pelan, ia kembali tersenyum. ”

Suatu Senja.
by VanZ
Jkt, 17th May 2016

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Makeupan setelah di kepang bagus sama gums2… Thanks kokohhhh 🌝😁🌹

Hair n lips by gummi
Makeup by VanZ. – with Gummi

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“maye God built me to be an independent strong woman who is constantly learning on how to connect with others. Maybe He built me to be an individual who can survived on her own with help from her friends whom God choose them to be.

Maybe He built me to be a strong individual who can survived without the need of a company.

Maybe He built me to be a honest, bold, different than others – human being so this world can be colorful and filled with sparkles.

Maybe I’m that sparkles.

For those who doesnt understand it, they might go away. But for those who can understand it, they’ll stay and they are the chosen ones from Him to do life with me. ”

– Possiblities.

A Prose By VarRy.
(Jkt, May 14th 2016.)

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“Disitu aku tersadarkan bahwa waktu itu sangat berharga dan ia tidak bisa diindahkan atau dilupakan atau ditunda begitu saja. Ia terus berjalan layaknya sebuah roda kasat mata yang terus berputar, dan tanpa ku sadari, aku berputar didalamnya. Terlupa dan teringat, itulah jalan kehidupan sebuah sosok waktu yang sering kali kita anggap sepele namun kita tak bisa hidup tanpanya.” – Sang Waktu. 13/5/16

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” Ketika ia menghilang, kini ku jadi korbAn. Apa benar sebuah dinamika pertemanan itu di bentuk oleh adanya sebuah kelompok mana yang lemah dan mana yang kuat? Dinamika yang unik dan sulit di tebak. 
Jangan kau cepat memihak karena kau tidak tahu apa yg sebenarnya terjadi. 

Jangan cepat kau berfikir dan berasumsi karena di balik semuanya itu ada suatu alasan yang bisa kau dengarkan dan kau akan mengerti suatu hari nanti .”