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What it takes to be an artist. (Financially)

Well. What can I say.

I am just embarking a new adventures as a full time theatre artist. It feels liverating and I believe that God will help me along the way.

You will find out that this new adventure to be a full time artist is not an easy journey.

If I can tell my self when I was a kid or teenager, I will say to my self
“Save up all money that you got kid, because you need it.”

It takes courage to be a full time theatre artist. Because as a startup, you will not have a fixed income and you kinda have to suffer for your art.

I’m lucky that I still have my parents. Tho. It is ashamed that at this 26 yrs old age, I’m still asking them to financially supported me and even though I have to face their and my friends criticism about my decision, and sacrifice the things that I love the most, like movies, snacking, buying new clothes etc all thos hedonistic lifestyle for my art; I knew for sure that I was making the right decision. 

Because I knew, I was born for this.

I was born to be a theatre artist. A Theatre maker. Making the world a better place through my piece of work/theatre projects. 

Today marks the day where I quited my second job so I can focus to be Asst.Director and Stage Manager for my first Indonesian debut. It’s not an easy job and its a big responsibility. But its what I was born for. It’s my passion.

I learned a lot to save money and not spending them on secondary needs. I learned how to save up now. I used to not care about the money that I spent. As the cause of that, as for now, I don’t really have huge savings but I’m working on that.

I figured, while I still can do what I can do with my art like becoming a starting out theatre artist at this age and working my way up, why not?

Yes I would have to hold off my ashamed feelings towards my parents because I’m still relying on them financially and they would probably stressed out and can’t see whats behind / the end of the tunnel. But I know for sure, if this is what I was born for, if this is Why i was born unto this earth,

God will help me and find me jobs, projects, etc to support myself financially.


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