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Obsessed – THE PLAY (by VaRry.Styles)

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OBSESSED – THE PLAY (I like this title more)

by Vania Christy R (c 2014)

SYNOPSIS: about a fan attempt, one direction. To meet them. And crazy things that they do.

GENRE: Comedy

Scene breakdown –

Scene 1:

Cast: Luke. (1st years)

Start in the bedroom, tweeting. –

Stage- Bed, rolling in bed tweeting. Live tweet about one direction and their hot stuff from the update account, the LCD screen is up with the twitter pages of it – and there’s like Hot Harry pictures and the actor react to it immediately. (Suppose to have the audience laugh and feel that this is weird)

“Omg, Harry and his hair.” He is so HOT! Etc. their fan reaction

From there, The actor get up – and soliloquy to the the audience

“The first step in meeting your idol is, CONTAIN YOUR SELF. I’m serious; you have to practice in containing your self before you met them. Things like, looking at one of the hot pictures of my sunshine, (expression of containing excitement and hysteria- this is the comedy side of it)

Then it went to the dream sequence (so it will be like back and forth, from
The reality and dream sequence) the actor imagining meeting Harry. (Harry is portrayed by an actor, and Luke reaction to it. – creating a scenario)

but then it ended up to the reality sequence with his mum waking him up to go to school. (Just the mother voice, “Luke, wake up! Are ya going to school or not?! In aussie accent)

And so on

Like 2) Do you research! Just like preparing your self for an exam, chasing your sunshine its like preparing for every possibilities that you could’ve imagine

(Dream sequence – Video of fans at the airport and their screaming (in lcd) and Luke is reacted through it)

3) third tips of stalking (and the dream sequence of him doing it)

4) forth tips of stalking and him imagining doing it

5) fifth tips of stalking and him imagining doing it.

And ended up in the day at the concert where all five boys of one direction is there (acted by actors and they sing at the concert, like set wise is the real coates hire/ fence put it up as a symbol the main actor Luke is in the concert etc) and Luke that was trying so hard to contained him self finally losing him self and ruin the chances to meet them? Or he meets them in the dream sequence but in reality he is still in his bed and his mum calling him to go to school. #ohsnap.

So it’s a dream between dreams.

MESSAGE BEHIND IT: (showed in LCD as the play ends in black out and this message comes out)

“Your dream is real. It’s your choice to go for it and reach it. Or leave it behind and do nothing about it.”


This play have full potential of comedy, funny, true and weird moment of a fandom esp. for the unique one direction fandom and their intenseness of the boys and their unique and hilarious Pic edits and stuff like that.

Can potentially have more in depth research with it for physiological effect of OBSESSION.

And it ended up with the deep quote effect that the audience can remember and carry them home after laughing.

– I got the structure i just need more idea what to put inside it so its rich funny and witty.


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