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CHANGES – A Radio Play (by VarRy.)


CHANGES – A Radio Play

(C.2014, by Vania Christy R)


  • Make it into radio drama play template
  • With busy city living fx
  • busy LA train station fx
  • he’s sitting down in the waiting room
  • soft piano plays on the back during the reading to match the mood
  • one male character
  • possibly a female voice for the letter but its optional
  • end of music to close it upà the fault in our stars in a dramatic way


Background Music: The Fault in Our Stars – Troy Sivan

(Piano Instrumental)







I don’t know where I am going

I don’t know where I’m suppose to be doing

All I know its just flights after flights

Of endless traveling


And figuring my self out

All this time

About my beings

About my circumstances

About my insanity


About where I’m suppose to be going

About where am i suppose to do

These feelings

Deep inside

Killing me

Sting like bees to its victim


Sitting here on the train station


As my life past by

Right in front my eyes




Tears falling

Wiping my eyes

With the last tissue that I have on my pocket


I dig in


And I find a picture of my wife and me

And how we used to be happy


I don’t know what I’ve done wrong

To make her leave


All i know is a piece of paper


‘I love you, but I have to leave you here. You have been away for so long. All this times. I have to take the kids with me. They’re missing their dad. I can’t go on and live like this. I’m sorry.’




I stared at the paper

Blaming my self


Knowing that I could not fix the mistakes that I’ve caused

Knowing that I could never go back to the place that I call home




My wife, she’s the most beautiful person in the universe.

I am lucky enough to have her and propose her on the day of our third anniversary.

She’s so pretty

The pink floral dress she’s wearing on that day.

The blue eyes that staring deep into my eyes when she finally saying yes to my question

The smile and the tears of joy

Her expressions when I pop up the question is just out of this world

She’s speechless

And I was laughing and happy tears falling from my eyes




I don’t know how we got into this point.

I guess I’ve forgotten about my self

I have lost my self


I’ve worked too much

I’ve traveled around the world a lot

With career and financial stability as my excuses

I race my self up to the top of my career

Without knowing that you are leaving me here slowly but surely


I let my self-ego taking control and forgetting about



I race my passion without knowing that your support and patience for me would be just this much (two fingers showing how little it is)


I mean

I don’t blame you


I guess I am the bad guy here in this case


I could never forgive my self for this

I blame you every single time

Pushing you apart

Making you understand

Trying to push your patience

Push your boundaries

And just used up all my excuses about work to not be with you


I have lost my self

I have lost my wife

I have lost my home

I have lost you




Here I am in this train station

Not knowing what to do


What should I do next


My suitcase filled up with gifts

And souvenirs from my travels

That I wanted to show you

To give it you as our special four years of our wedding anniversary

I was so excited by it

Until I found your note

That you send via fax

That the guest service put it on my hotel room in LA

Just two days before I finish this leg of my work trip


I still don’t understand why you want us to be apart

I still don’t understand why you would giving up on us


On what we had

On our beautiful children

On our family


Darling, I am so sorry


I am sorry that i couldn’t get better words or excuses to explain to you about my job

I am sorry that i have put my career first before you

Before our family

Before our two beautiful children.


Are the children okay?

How are they?

Are you okay?

I miss them

I miss you so much


When we fight over my selfish ego

I just realize how dumb i am for letting those harsh words come out from my mouth and hurting you miserably


I am sorry for what i have done to you

I don’t deserve this

I don’t deserve your love

And I think

You are right for leaving me here


For me to realize

That everything

That I had

Or used to had with you

Our beautiful family

Our two children

Were more than enough

To keep me happy

To make me whole again

To make me realize that I have took them for granted


And now

Everything before me flashes by

And it’s too late


I could never have you back

I could never turn back the time and punch my self in the face or to

Tell my self to stop being so selfish



Dumb ass to you


Baby, I am sorry

That’s all I can say

That’s all I can write

In this piece of paper


Please take me back.

I beg you.




I love you

So so





I missed our kids

I missed our love

I missed us.





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