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When theres fire burning inside you, but theres this silent 😶….. You feel like you want to escape but you can’t because you need a platform to transform that fire into something.. But then.

There’s this silent.

How much longer it can be?
How much longer till I can finally have a say?
How much longer till I can see everyone is firing up with the same fire like me?
The same burning passion.
How much longer? ? ?

But then, there’s this silenced.

– Silenced. (A Poetrylogue)

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Jesus. #TreatPeopleWithKindness Head of Hospitality @FullColorParty Loves to Write I love concerts, and everything about music Loves to assist and help others I am always prepared for everything Loves to travel but I can't travel light - I've tried tho! :D Feel Free to chat me about things! I'm struggling with anxiety / dark thoughts / brain noise (as Chris Evans might said it :P) - sometimes :)

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